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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Special Treatment and Research (STAR) Health Center

STAR Health Center (SHC)

Tips & Tools for Consumers

The STAR Health Center encourages consumers to take an active role in developing a health care action plan.

Below are some materials that may provide some useful information and encourage you to live healthier. Some of these materials were developed by the STAR Health Center and some were developed by the New York State Department of Health. Just click on the PDF format and print!

STAR Health Center Materials
Welcome to the STAR Health Center PDF
Helpful Hints for the Self Advocate PDF
Consumer Indicators PDF
Personal Health Record PDF
Personal Action Plan – Keeping Appointments PDF
Personal Action Plan – Dentist PDF
Personal Action Plan – Depression & Anxiety PDF
Personal Action Plan – Drugs & Alcohol PDF
Personal Action Plan – Fitness PDF
Personal Action Plan – Medications PDF
Personal Action Plan – Nutrition PDF
Personal Action Plan – Smoking PDF
Personal Action Plan – Stress PDF
Personal Action Plan – Fill in Your Own Goal PDF
New York State Department of Health Materials
Stay Healthy for Life – A Resource Guide PDF
Buprenorphine Fact Sheet PDF
Eating Tips: A Nutrition Guide for PLWHA PDF
Hepatitis C Brochure PDF
What You Need to Know About Hepatitis C PDF
Telling Your Partners They May Have HIV PDF
It's Time to Live:  HIV and Smoking PDF
Alcohol and HIV – A Mix You Can Avoid PDF
Oral Health and HIV PDF
Staying on Schedule: How to Take Each HIV Medicine PDF
Mental Health and PLWHA PDF

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