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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Human Resources Self Service

SUNY Employee Services Portal Login

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The Self Service modules are:

View Paycheck – available to all employees. Paycheck information will be displayed on the Monday before paychecks are distributed. The paycheck views contain the same information as your hard copy pay-stub that is issued each payday. The printed screenshots should be useable by any financial institution requiring copies of your recent payroll records. Hard copy pay-stubs will continue to be distributed to all employees.

Update Address – This option can be used as an alternate method of notifying HR and Payroll of an address change. If this feature is used, the Personnel Data Update Form no longer needs to be completed and submitted to HR or Payroll for address changes. Once the self-service address change is accepted, a statement identifying other vendor services contact information will be available. You must separately notify your Union and all other retirement and insurance providers of your address change.

Time and Attendance

No more paper time sheets!

Schedule your vacations, put in your sick leave, get your supervisor's approval, get e-mail notifications- all online.

  1. When you click the SUNY Secure Login button, you will be redirect to
  2. Next, the user should locate their campus or institution from the Your Campus drop down box pictured in Figure 1.

figure 2

Figure 1 – Accessing the Security Login screen for the first time.

  1. User ID is the same as your Downstate email address user ID, in the form of jane.smith (with a "dot") – AND – your Password is the one you use to open your Downstate email over the Internet.
    See Figure 2 for the location of these fields.
  2. Click the "Remember Me" button if you want the system to retain the campus and User Id information.
  3. Finally, the user should click the Login button to begin the authentication process.

figure 3

Figure 2 – The identifying fields required to authenticate a user.

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For complete details on how to update your address,
read the PDF Self Service - Update Address »

PDF cover

Help is provided for users, by clicking on the "Help?" link on the right side of the page. See Figure 3 for the location of this field.

Information is available about gaining access to the portal and its applications. Information is also provided in the event a user has forgotten their password and needs the password reset. See figure 4 for the information provided to users.

figure 4

Figure 4 – Clicking on the "Help?" link reveals Frequently Asked Questions.

» How do I gain access to an application?

Gaining Access to an Application:

The campus Security Administrator may provide access to applications when a request, detailing the need for the application, is forwarded by the immediate supervisor of an employee. See Figure 5 for the information provided to users.

figure 5

Figure 5 – Clicking on the "How do I gain access to an application?" reveals campus contact information.

Campus Contacts: Security Administrators

Anita Beckles

Phone: 718-270-2790
Type: Security Administrator

Marcia Scott

Phone: 718-270-1116
Type: Back-up Security Administrator

» How do I determine my userid / password?

Identifying the User's User ID

The user can determine what their User ID is by clicking on the "How do I determine my useid/password?" link on the right side of the page. Contact information will be provided for the Security Administrator at the user's campus.

Identifying the User's Password

The user can determine what their Password is by clicking on the "How do I determine my UserId /password?" link on the left side of the page. Contact information will be provided for the technical contact at the user's campus. See figure 6 for the information provided to users.

figure 6

Figure 6 – Clicking on the "How do I determine my userid /password?" reveals campus technical contacts.

Campus Technical Contacts:


Phone: 718-270-4357

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