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State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA)

President's Letter

To: Members of the Downstate Community

From: Michael Lucchesi, MD, Officer-In-Charge

Date: November 8, 2016

Re: We Can Make A Difference: SEFA Campaign Begins at Downstate!

Downstate employees, faculty, and staff have always given generously to the annual SEFA campaign. With all the challenges and changes we are facing in Brooklyn, we never forget those in need and the many causes we personally support. Your contributions to SEFA have made the difference in so many lives in Brooklyn, nationally, and internationally.

The agencies of the State Employee Federated Appeal (SEFA) depend upon you to support their efforts, whether in a crisis such as the refugee situation or the everyday acts of feeding the hungry, counseling troubled youth, protecting the environment, or sending doctors all over the city, state, and world. Downstate is a shining star in the New York City region because of your contributions to SEFA.

SEFA is a voluntary program supported by New York State for charitable giving. Your commitment to one or more of the hundreds of SEFA not-for-profit health and human services agencies through payroll deduction helps to make the organizations you support better able to serve those in need. Online giving is quick and easy and no one need know but you. But paper campaign forms will be available for those who wish to give that way.

Our SEFA Leadership team is headed by our Campaign Managers and more than 70 of you who volunteer your time to be the fundraisers and do the things necessary for a successful campaign. For more information, feel free to visit and learn about this year "Making a difference together" SEFA campaign. Thank you for all you do and your continued support of SEFA.