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State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA)

What Your SEFA Contribution Buys

Why Payroll Deduction?

Making your contribution in installments through SEFA payroll deduction plan is an easy, convenient way to give. It also enables you to be more generous.

Payroll deductions will begin with the first pay period in January 2010 and will continue for 12 months. You may cancel your pledge at any time during the year by notifying your payroll department in writing.

Together we can Buck the trends and change the world.
Or at least our corner.

  • 1 buck a pay period provides 26 educational booklets for persons newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  • 1 buck a pay period sends a child with epilepsy to a morning of summer camp.
  • 2 bucks per pay period will buy a session of speech language pathology care to help restore a stroke survivor's ability to communicate independently.
  • 3 bucks per two-week pay period, the price of a Starbuck's latte, provides a patient with a platelet count.
  • 3 bucks pays for one hour for a child with diabetes at camp. Buck the trend and go for 26 hours.
  • 4 bucks sends a diabetes information kit to a newly diagnosed individual. 4 bucks a pay period send 26 kits.
  • 10 bucks a pay period can provide diabetes risk tests to 5000 individuals.
  • 12 bucks a pay period buys immunosuppressive medication for a transplant recipient for 1 week.
  • 15 bucks a pay period provides transportation for a dialysis patient to get to and from the dialysis center or hospital for 26 days. Think how that can change their world.
  • 21 bucks a pay period pays for 26 minutes of diabetes research.
  • 25 bucks enables a diabetic kidney patient to buy a 2-3 month supply of syringes. Think what you could do for 26 pay periods.
  • 50 bucks enables a hypertensive kidney patient to purchase a blood pressure cuff. Think what 26 kidney patients could do.
  • 520 bucks or 20 bucks a pay period improves a school's indoor air quality through Tools for Schools with American Lung Association.

With your bucks, together we can change the world, so buck the trends — give today through the Downstate SEFA Campaign

Join The New York City SEFA Leadership Club!

  • Give $40 per pay period, or a one-time gift of $1,040, and be a Leadership Club Member*
  • Give $20 per pay period, or a one-time gift of $520, and be a SEFA Club member.

All SEFA leadership and SEFA club members receive a special SEFA gift!