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Meet the Staff

The Scientific Computing Center provides support to faculty, staff, and students who are actively involved in research. The Center is staffed by career scientists to assist researchers from the design phase right through to data analysis and interpretation of data. We encourage the Downstate community to take advantage of consulting services early in the design phase of their studies or experiments in order to ensure compatibility of the data with the appropriate statistical methods.


Dr. Weedon comes to us from the City of New York Department of Health where he was under contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), focusing on pediatric AIDS. Jay - as he likes to be called - grew up in England, which accounts for his deficit in comprehending American humour. He received his undergraduate degree in Sydney, Australia and his graduate degrees from the University of Vermont. His principal data analysis interests involve the kind of complex longitudinal data sets often found in epidemiological studies


Mr. Frederick Houston has been with Downstate for 35 years and has been in the computer field for 41 years. Fred is experienced on both the mainframe and personal computer platforms and is in charge of mainframe computer operations, and optical scanning; he also assists computer users in the Faculty Resource Room..
pqtrika Ms. Patricka Brown is Administrative Assistant for the Center and has been employed at Downstate for the past 17 years. All business is processed through her. Ms. Brown came to our center in 1997 and her presence has been a boon - she knows how to get things done. Should you need an appointment with a staff consultant, scanning forms, please call Patrica at 718 270-7424

Dr. Matthew Avitable has been with Downstate for the past 21 years and is the Center's director. His doctoral degree is in physiological psychology from SUNY Stony Brook. He also has formal training in electronic technology and has combined the two disciplines to design computer interfaces for data acquisition and analysis. In addition he teaches introductory statistics in the colleges of Nursing and Health Related Professions.