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About the Center

The Scientific Computing Center provides support to faculty, staff, and students who are actively involved in research. The Center is staffed by career scientists to assist researchers from the design phase right through to data analysis and interpretation of data. We encourage the Downstate community to take advantage of consulting services early in the design phase of their studies or experiments in order to ensure compatibility of the data with the appropriate statistical methods.

Typical Consultation Includes:

  • Experimental Design
  • Power analysis
  • Appropriate techniques for acquiring and organizing data
  • Appropriate statistical procedures for analyzing data
  • Reorganizing, transforming, simplifying, and summarizing complex data
  • Assistance in interpreting and writing up results of data analysis
  • Utilizing advances scientific programs

Additional Consulting Services can be provided:

  • Signal Analysis
  • Progamming Support

Due to the volume of research underway at downstate, we do not advise simply dropping in with a ‘quick question’. In our experience, while there are many quick questions, there are seldom any ‘quick answers’ to research questions.