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SUNY Downstate Department of Radiology

Residency Program

Residency Applicants


How many residents are in your program?

We have 34+ residents in our program. We will be enrolling approximately 8 residents this year.

How much does a first year resident earn?

As of July 2013, approximately $63,000.  In addition there is a resident book fund.  Committee for Interns and Residents will reimburse up to $650 in educational expenses, including books, tablets and smartphones per year.

What is the typical interview day like?

The interview day consists of three interviews. One of which will be with the program director, one with an attending radiologist and one with a current resident. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. A short tour of the department will follow Noon conference.  The day typically starts at 9AM and ends at approximately 3PM.

How many weeks of vacation do residents get?

4 weeks.

How much time is spent at each of the hospitals?

R1: Majority of first year is spent at KCH and UHB.
R2: Majority of second year is spent at UHB with IR at the Brooklyn VA.
R3 & R4: Third and fourth year is split between UHB, Lutheran and KCH

How much time do you spend on each rotation?

Most rotations are 4 weeks. Night float is a two week rotation.

How do residents get OB US experience?

We perform 2nd and 3rd trimester OB ultrasounds during our 2nd year ultrasound rotation.

Do you perform virtual colonoscopy?

Yes, we perform approximately 5 per week.

What is the first year call schedule like?

On average, senior call is 3 weekday calls and 1 weekend call a month. Buddy call starts the first Monday after Labor Day of your R1 year; a senior resident and attending supervises you at all times. Weekdays: 5 – 10pm. Weekends/Holidays: 11am – 8pm.

What is the fourth year like? Mini-fellowships?

There will be 2-3 mini-fellowships of your choice.

What fellowships have the residents gotten into?

Our residents have matched to various programs throughout the country including but not limited to UCLA, Stanford, UCSF, Mount Sinai, Columbia, Cornell, Mayo Clinic, Yale, UPENN, etc.  Please see for a detailed list.

How are you preparing residents for the new ABR Core and Certifying exams?

We anticipate continuing board review for the Core exam. Designated time off is also given for dedicated review free of clinical responsibilities.

How do the residents perform on the radiology boards?

95% board pass rate over the past five years.

Is there an opportunity to participate in research?

Yes. Residents also present at several national meetings including RSNA and ARRS.

Is there any elective time?

Yes. This time is available during the 3rd and 4th years.  We also over an international radiology elective as an active member of RAD-AID.

How are residents evaluated?

There is continuous evaluation of the residents throughout a rotation during sign-out. Formal evaluations are obtained on new-innovations after each rotation.

Are residents permitted to moonlight?

Yes, under the discretion of the Chair.

Does Downstate have fellowship programs?

Yes. Direct pathway for interventional radiology (1 fellow).

Is there a formal mentoring program?

Yes. Each resident is assigned to an attending mentor.

Do you offer a transitional year as part of your program?

No. However, Downstate does offer preliminary positions in medicine and surgery.

What is the policy regarding VISA for potential residents?

Please see our institutional policy at:

Is there on-campus housing? Where do residents live?

Yes; several apartments available across from UHB on Lenox road. However, most residents live in BK (Park Slope, Brooklyn heights) and NYC (Financial district, Murray Hill, UWS, UES).

Living and Working in Brooklyn (BK):



  • "Living and working in Brooklyn really allows you to appreciate New York City's diversity, from the arts in DUMBO, the hipsters in Williamsburg to the little Caribbean in Flatbush, there's always something new." - Anonymous resident
  • Things to do in BK:
    • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
    • Barclays Center, Home of the Brooklyn Nets
    • Brooklyn Bridge Park
    • Luna Park in Coney Island
    • Brooklyn Museum
    • Prospect Park and Zoo
    • BAM
    • Williamsburg Smorgasburg
  • Find out more at Visit Brooklyn »