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Full Time Faculty

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Photo of Usha Govindarajulu

Usha Govindarajulu, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Tel: (718) 221-6599 • Fax: (718) 221-5157


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  • Publications
Academic Qualifications:
  • Post-Doctoral: Harvard University, School of Public Health
  • PhD: Boston University
  • MS: George Washington University
Background and Expertise:

Dr. Usha Govindarajulu is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics. She received her PhD in Biostatistics from Boston University, her MS in Biostatistics from George Washington University, and her AB from Cornell University. She also did her post-doctoral work in Biostatistics at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Govindarajulu's major statistical research interests are in survival analysis, frailty models, smoothing, genetic epidemiology, and non-parametrics. Her area of medical expertise is in cardiology, allergy and immunology, radiology, and translational research.

She is also a member of the American Statistical Association and has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the Section of Statistical Computing.

  • Govindarajulu U, Sullivan L, D’Agostino, Sr. RB (2004) “SAS Macros for confidence interval estimation for CHD Risk prediction by different survival models” Computational Data Analysis and Statistics 46(3):  571-592.
  • Govindarajulu US, Spiegelman D, Miller KL, and Kraft P (2006)“Quantifying bias due  to genotyping error in case-control studies of haplotypes”. Genetic Epidemiology 30:  1-12.
  • Govindarajulu US, Glickman ME, and D’Agostino Sr. RB (2007) “Modeling frailty as a function of covariates”. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. 1(1) 117-135.
  • Govindarajulu US, Spiegelman D, Thurston SW, Ganguli B, and Eisen EA (2007) “Comparing smoothing techniques for modeling exposure-response curves in Cox Models”. Statistics in Medicine 26(20) 3735-3752.
  • Govindarajulu US, Malloy EJ, Ganguli B, Spiegelman D, and Eisen EA (2009) “The comparison of fitted non-linear exposure-response relationships in Cox models using smoothing methods through simulations” . The InternationalJournal of Biostatistics 5(1): Article 2.
  • TarpeyT, Govindarajulu U, and Petkova E(2009). “Predicting potential placebo effect in   drug treated subjects”. International Journal of Biostatistics 5(1): Article 23.
  • Petkova E., Tarpey T, Lu Y.and Govindarajulu, U (2010). “Optimal Partitioning for Linear Mixed Effects Models: Applications to Identifying Placebo Responders”. JASA 105(491): 968-977.
  • Katz I, Shapiro R, Li D, Govindarajulu U , Thompson B, Watts DH, Hughes M, and TuomalaR. (2010). “ Risk Factors for DetectableHIV-1 RNA at Delivery among Women Receiving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in the Women and Infants Transmission Study”. Journal of AIDS 54(1):27-34.
  • Modak RK, Koullias GJ, Govindarajulu US, Tranquilli M, Barash PG, and Elefteriades JA(2010). “Ascending aortic aneurysms: asymmetrical differences in aortic cross-sectional wall motion detected by epiaortic echocardiography”.   JCardiothorac Vasc Anesth 24(5):776-9.
  • Oei TN, Shyn PB, GovindarajuluU, and Flint R (2010). “Diagnostic medical radiation dose in patients after laparoscopic bariatric surgery.” ObesitySurgery 20(5): 569-573
  • Clark C, Soukup J, Govindarajulu U , Riden H, Tovar D, and JohnsonP (2011). “Health Reformand Trends in Unmet Medical Need and Use of Preventative Care in Massachusetts”.   HealthAffairs 30(2): 247-55.
  • Govindarajulu US , Lin H, Lunetta KL, and D’Agostino, Sr. RB (2011) “Frailty models: Applications to biomedical and genetic studies”.  Statistics in Medicine 30(22):2754-64.
  • Vidi VD, Matheny ME, Govindarajulu US, Normand ST, RobbinsSL, Agarwal VV, BangaloreS, and Resnic FS (2012). Vascular closure device failure in contemporary practice. JACC CardiovascularInterventions 5(8): 837-844.
Selected Presentations:
  • “Thecomparison of fitted nonlinear exposure-response relationships in Cox models using smoothing methods through simulations”.  Joint Statistical Meetings.   Salt Lake City, UT,August 2007; InternationalConference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and Combinatorics (AISC). Greensboro, NC,October 2007; International Biometric Society Eastern North American Region. San Antonio, TX, March 2009; Invited presentation in Statistics Department, University of Kentucky. Lexington, KY. October 2009.
  • “InvitedSurvival Analysis lectures” HST.951(Biomedical Decision Support), MIT, Cambridge, MA. October 2009.
  • “Testing small center events in multicenter trials using survival modeling”. Joint Statistical Meetings. Vancouver, Canada, August 2010.
  • “MisclassificationProbabilities of n-fold Random Samples”. Joint Statistical Meetings. Miami, Florida, August 2011.