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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Life in Brooklyn


Life in Brooklyn is exciting and rewarding. Brooklyn is home to a diverse array of cultures that manifests as a variety of life experiences, from foods to festivals, to art and action. The landscape is enriched by the many cultures and religions that call Brooklyn home including Caribbean, Italian, Asian, Russian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and people from all over the world.


Brooklyn is home to cultural centers including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Children's Museum, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Whether it is going to listen to music at the Prospect Park Band Shell, catching a Nets game or concert at the Barclays Center, or getting a slice of some of the best pizza in the world at your favorite local spot, Brooklyn enriches your life. Some say Manhattan is the heart of New York City, but if that is true, then Brooklyn has the brains and muscle. Working in Brooklyn will make you a better professional, dealing with a tough no-nonsense borough that expects excellence from their professionals. Fellows can choose to live in one of the many wonderful neighborhoods in Brooklyn or commute from nearby Queens, Manhattan, Long Island or New Jersey.

From Brooklyn Heights to Bay Ridge, amidst brownstones and bridges, you can make a life in Brooklyn that will remain with you wherever you go.