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Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy


The FNA biopsy service run by the Department of Pathology is not presently accepting new patients.

Instead, you may contact the Department of Radiology at 718-270-3122 to schedule an inpatient or outpatient biopsy.


Instructions for Referring Physicians

Downstate physicians should email biopsy requests to Richard Colthurst with Cc to Jonathan Somma and include in the email:


  • Patient name, DOB and MRN

  • Patient telephone number

  • Brief history

  • Site(s) for evaluation and biopsy

  • Information regarding relevant imaging results (if studies are from an outside radiology office, please instruct your patient to bring both the report AND the images on the day of their biopsy appointment with us)


NOTE: Before referring patients for biopsy of non-palpable thyroid nodules (e.g., an incidental nodule seen on CT), please first send patients for a diagnostic thyroid sonogram and instruct them to bring the sonogram report and images on the day of their biopsy appointment with us if the study is not performed at Downstate.


Please click here and print our patient referral handout to ensure that your patients are prepared for their appointment.

We will contact the patient by phone to schedule the procedure within two to three business days of receipt of your email request.


Non-Downstate physicians' offices, please call us at 718-270-1666 before your first patient referral to our office.


Click here for general insurance information.

Please be aware that, even when services are covered, some insurers require pre-approval before FNA biopsy (applicable CPT codes include 10021, 10022 and 76942).

Click here for instructions for patients.

Click here to return to the main FNA biopsy webpage.