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Felicitas L. Lacbawan, MD
Director, Molecular Pathology
Department of Pathology
Office Location: BSB 4-128D
Tel: (718) 270- 2279
Fax: (718) 270-3313






Research Interest Summary

Clinical genetics and molecular genetics pathology of various neurologic and developmental disorders including presenile dementia, brain and craniofacial malformations, and chromosomal anomalies.

Funded by Division of Intramural Research, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH

Selected Publications

  1. Joan C. Han, MD, Qing-Rong Liu, PhD, MaryPat Jones, MS, Rebecca L. Levinn, BA, Carolyn M. Menzie,
    BS, Kyra S. Jefferson-George, Diane C. Adler-Wailes, MS, Ethan L. Sanford, BA, Felicitas L. Lacbawan, MD, George R. Uhl, MD, PhD, Owen M. Rennert, MD, and Jack A. Yanovski, MD, PhD . Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Human Energy Balance: WAGR Syndrome as a Model for BDNF Haploinsufficiency.
    NEJM (manuscript #08-01119). Accepted June 23, 2008.
  2. Wallis D, Lacbawan F, Jain M, Der Kaloustian VM, Steiner CE, Moeschler JB, Losken HW, Kaitila II,
    Cantrell S, Proud VK, Carey JC, Day DW, Lev D, Teebi AS, Robinson LK, Hoyme HE, Al-Torki N, Siegel-
    Bartelt J, Mulliken JB, Robin NH, Saavedra D, Zackai EH, Muenke M.Additional EFNB1 Mutations in
    Craniofrontonasal Syndrome. Am J Med Genet. 2008 Aug 1;146A(15):2008-12.
  3. Roessler E, Ouspenskaia MV, Karkera JD, Vélez JI, Kantipong A, Lacbawan F, Bowers P, Belmont JW,
    Towbin JA, Goldmuntz E, Feldman B, Muenke M. Reduced NODAL signaling strength via mutation of
    Several pathway members including FOXH1 is linked to human heart defects and holoprosencephaly. Am J
    Hum Genet. 2008 Jul;83(1):18-29. Epub 2008 Jun 5.
  4. Doherty ES, Lacbawan F, Hadley DW, Brewer C, Zalewski C, Kim HJ, Glass P, Solomon S, Kenneth Rosenbaum K, Domingo DL, Hart T, Brooks B, Immken L, Lowry RB, Kimonis V, Knightly C, Donna McDonald-McGinn D, Zackai EH, and Muenke M. Muenke Syndrome (FGFR3-Related Craniosynostosis): Expansion of the Phenotype and Literature Review. Am J Med Genet A.143(24):3204-15. 15 Dec 2007.
  5. Doherty E, Solomon B, Lacbawan F (May 2007) 2q37 Deletion Syndrome in: GeneReviews at GeneTests: Medical Genetics Information Resource [database online]. Copyright, University of Washington, Seattle, 1997-2007. Available at
  6. Haas D, Morgenthaler J, Lacbawan F, Long B, Runz H, Zschocke J, Kelley RI, Okun JG, Hoffmann GF, Muenke M. Abnormal Sterol Metabolism in Holoprosencephaly: Studies in Cultured Lymphoblasts. J Med Genet. 2007; (44):298-305. 19 Jan 2007 [Epub]
  7. Lacbawan, F and Muenke, M. CNS Development and its Failures in Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology: Molecular Mechanisms in Development and Pediatric Pathology. D. K. Kalousek (ed). Vol 24. pp.169-204. 2002.
  8. Davis RL, Shrimpton AE, Carrell RW, Lomas DA, Gerhard L, Baumann B, Lawrence DA, Yepes M, Kim TS, Ghetti B, Piccardo P, Takao M, Lacbawan F, Muenke M, Sifers RN, Bradshaw CB, Kent PF, Collins GH, Larocca D, Holohan PD. Association between conformational mutations in neuroserpin and onset and severity of dementia. Lancet.359(9325):2242-7.29 Jun 2002
  9. Lacbawan F, Tifft CJ, Luban NL, Schmandt SM, Guerrera M, Weinstein S, Pennybacker M, Wong LJ. Clinical heterogeneity in mitochondrial DNA deletion disorders: A diagnostic challenge of Pearson Syndrome. Am J Med Genet.95(3):266-8. 27 Nov 2000.
  10. Davis R, Holohan P, Shrimpton A, Tatum AH, Daucher J, Collins GH, Todd R, Bradshaw C, Kent P, Feiglin D, Rosenbaum A, Yerby MS, Shaw CM, Lacbawan F, Lawrence DA. Familial Encephalopathy with Neuroserpin Inclusion Bodies: FENIB. Am J Pathol 155(6): 1901-1913.1999




Education and Training

1984, MD, University of the Philippines College of Medicine
1995, Clinical Pathology, SUNY Upstate Medical Center
1997, Anatomic Pathology, SUNY Upstate Medical Center
1999, Clinical Genetics, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH


Honors and Awards

University of the Philippines Alumni Association in America Outstanding Professional in Medicine 2007
Recipient, Interagency Personnel Agreement, Medical Genetics Branch, NHGRI, NIH and Children’s National Medical Center. 2000-2004
Exchange Scientist, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Aichi Cancer Center, Nagoya, Japan.1989
Exchange Scientist, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),Chiangmai University, Thailand.1988
Temporary Technical Adviser, World Health Organization (WHO), Newcastle, Australia.1988
Nelly Kellogg van Schaik Scholarship in Medicine, 1983-84
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (International) 1980
Phi Sigma Biological Honor Society (International) 1980

Committees , Council, and Professional Society Memberships
Association for Molecular Pathology
American College of Medical Genetics
American Society of Human Genetics
College of American Pathologists
Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering