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Chandrakant Rao, M.D.

Clinical Professor
Department of Pathology
Division of Neuropathology

Office Location: P-Building, Room 125, KCHC

Tel: 718-245-5320

Fax: 718-771-1632


Research or Clinical Interest Summary

CNS tumors. Interesting cases with any neuropathology.
Diagnose CNS pathology, surgical and autopsy. Teach neuropathology fellow, pathology residents, neurology residents and medical students. Preceptor, pathology labs for second year medical students.

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Song X, Choi J, Rao C, Nallu S, Nicastri A. Primary Ewing sarcoma of lumbar spine with massive intraspinal extension. Pediatr Neurol 38, 58-60, 2008.
  2. Shao CY, Rao C, Sacktor TC, Mirra SS: Atypical proteinkinase C in neurodegenerative disease II: KPCi/in taupathies and alpha-synucleinopathies. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 2006; 65:327-335.
  3. Tatti KM, Shieh W-J, Philips S, Augenbraun M, Rao C, Zaki SR,. Molecular diagnosis of Nocardia farcinica from a cerebral abscess in an immunocompetent patient Human Pathology 2006; 27:1117-1121.
  4. Nath J, Jambhekar K, Rao C, Armitano E. Radiological and pathological changes in hemiballism-hemichorea with striatal hyperintensity.J Magn Reson Imaging 2006; 23:564-568.
  5. Komotar RJ, Carson BS, Rao C, Chaffe S, Goldthwaite PT, TihanT: Pilomyxoid astrocytoma of the spinal cord: report of three cases. Neurosurgery 56(1):191-194, 2005.
  6. Salarieh A, Rao C, Gottesman SR, Al-Agha O, Todor R, Axiotis CA: Plasma Cell tumors in HIV-positive patients: report of a cases and review of the literature. Leuk Lymphoma 46 (7): 1067-74, 2005.
  7. Elliot KS, Borowsky ME, Lee XC, Rao C, Abulafia O: Prolonged survival in recurrent endometrial carcinoma metastatic to the brain. Gynecol Oncol 95(1):247-251, 2004.
  8. Har-el G, Rao C, Swanson RM, Abdu A, Milhorat T: Frozen section in pituitary surgery. J Neurol Neurosurg & Psychiatr 63, 4:554, 1997.
  9. Rao C, Anzil AP, Sher JH: The Neuropathology of AIDS, A Review. Advances in Neuroimmuno. Vol. 3:1-15, 1993.
  10. Rao C, Friedlander, ME, Klein E, et al: Medullomyoblastoma in an Adult. Cancer 65:157-163, 1990.