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In addition to the rotation requirements, all combined anatomic & clinical and anatomic-only trainees must successfully complete 50 autopsies in accordance with the ACGME's autopsy policies by the time of graduation.  Trainees are also required to participate in clinical and/or basic pathology related research, which may include presentations at national meetings.  Residents may apply for Department-sponsored funds to help cover the cost of both their project and travel to present their research at a national meeting.

Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Graduation Requirements - Four Year Training Program. 

Eighteen four-week periods of Anatomic Pathology Core Requirements including:

Autopsy pathology
Surgical pathology
Forensic pathology
Renal pathology

Anatomic pathology electives (5 two- or four-week periods) include:





Pediatric Pathology

Renal Pathology

Eighteen four-week periods of Clinical Pathology Core Requirements including:

Chemical pathology
Molecular pathology
Transfusion medicine

Clinical pathology electives (4 two- or four-week periods) may be done in any of the above areas. 

Electives may be taken at any point after the first year. This training is designed to provide directed and focused training in preparation for graduation. Up to 6 months of elective time for research directed at issues related to laboratory medicine and pathology is possible. Residents must submit a written proposal to the Residency Program Evaluation Committee regarding the research plan for approval. This proposal must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the proposed elective.

Anatomic or Clinical Pathology Only - Three Year Training Program
Completion of the corresponding two year anatomic or clinical pathology core requirements, and up to six months of approved pathology research or advanced rotations relating to the specific discipline as described above.