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Department of Otolaryngology - Service Chief Reports

Division of Otology

Matthew B. Hanson, MD

The Division of Otology and Neurotology provides sub-specialized care for patients with diseases of the ear and temporal bone. In striving for optimal outcomes for our patients, their care is carefully coordinated with our colleagues in the Division of Communicative Disorders, where accurate diagnosis relies on advanced technology. Our Skull-Base team for treatment of neuro-otologic disorders includes colleagues in head and neck surgery and neurosurgery. We provide advanced care for the hearing impaired, including cochlear implantation, bone-anchored hearing implants, and early detection of hearing loss. Newborn hearing screening is routine at our participating hospitals and regularly identifies hearing loss at the youngest possible age. This enables early intervention to foster language development. Otology education is supplemented by the careful and precise study of the temporal bone anatomy. The Temporal Bone Laboratory provides intensive training for all residents during each of their four years. Our laboratory is also available for post-graduate training. Routine educational conferences in otology take place through the Grand Rounds schedule, as well as during weekly Temporal Bone Radiology Conferences, Vestibular conferences and weekly Case Review Conferences. We also benefit from our close affiliation with the Auditory Oral School of New York, which provides pre- and post-operative services for our cochlear implant patients of all ages.  

The past year has seen continued growth to the Otology Division.  Dr. Michal Preis has continued to build her practice at Maimonides Medical Center.  She has taken special interest in endoscopic ear surgery and continues to expand the usage of this non-invasive technique.  At SUNY-Downstate, Jennifer Srour, AuD has joined our Cochlear Implant team and has standardized and streamlined our intake and audiologic care of these patients.  This year, we implanted our 50th patient in the implant program at Downstate. 


While we continue to await the construction of our new Temporal Bone Lab at Downstate, we continue to be able to use the excellent Lab at NYU Bellevue.  We are hoping that construction of our own lab can begin this year. 


The Neurotologic/Skullbase practice continues at the New York Methodist site, where we continue to work closely with Neurosurgeons and Radiation Oncologists.  We are excited by the new possibilities offered by our affiliation with Northwell Lenox Hill/MEETH, where a whole new group of Otologists/Neurotologists will available to our residents.  It is hoped that this venue will also allow the Downstate faculty to offer new otologic options, such as implanted hearing aids and newer cochlear implants.  The SUNY Downstate Bay Ridge Site has continued to be an outstanding facility for general outpatient otologic cases and has allowed the caseloads of otologic caseloads to increase.  A strategic alliance with Island Audiology, a busy audiologic practice in Staten Island, will also allow a streamlined flow of patients from this Borough for surgery at Bay Ridge.