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Department of Otolaryngology - Service Chief Reports

Division of Laryngology, Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Boris L. Bentsianov MD

The Division of Laryngology has been providing our patients with the latest and most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for care of voice and swallowing pathology.  The practice is primarily located at the LICH offices at 134 Atlantic Ave, where we have access to a full complement of in office procedures including videostroboscopy, laryngeal EMG and EMG guided injection, Endoscopic swallow evaluation, as well as percutaneous medialization thyroplasty and awake in office laryngeal biopsy techniques. The practice has expanded over the last decade to meet the growing demand for high quality voice and larynx care throughout the community and borough with referral for tertiary care from a catchment area including Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The division also includes a Monday morning laryngology clinic in collaboration with the residency program, in which resident physicians and their patients also benefit from the full complement of laryngologic instruments and procedures. The clinic allows all patients access to the highest level of laryngologic care in the private setting and allows the residents an exciting opportunity to learn and contribute in a hands on fashion.

The LICH office facility is excited to now have a full time speech pathologist with specialty interest in head and neck and voice disorders. This has provided a higher level of patient care coordination, and allowed access for our resident clinic to participate in therapy activities. The speech therapy division has now allowed the practice to perform the highest level of outpatient swallowing evaluations including modified barium swallow diagnosis with supportive counseling and therapeutic behavior techniques for optimum patient outcomes. Our patients have greatly benefited from the comprehensive care delivered at our center and we strive to continue with new initiatives such as the LSVT program for Parkinson’s patients in conjunction with SUNY Downstate Department of Neurology. The Division of Laryngology is also fortunate to have Dr. Silverman who comes to us after fellowship training in both Pediatric Otolaryngology and Laryngology. His unique skills in pediatric airway and voice, and excellent surgical training will enhance our scope of care to the community. Dr. Silverman will also extend breath and scope of the division at our Kings County and Downstate campuses and allow more rapid access of care to voice patients in the borough. Dr. Silverman also brings an extensive research experience which he plans to continue to expand within the residency program. Together the Laryngology Division will seek to expand its services to include transnasal esophagoscopy and incorporate endoscopic swallowing imaging into its clinical care spectrum to further enhance patient outcomes and expand the residency training experience.The division is further enhanced by its affiliation with the Brooklyn VA hospital were we have a full Tuesday AM operating room session and Tuesday PM clinic hours for laryngologic patients, served jointly by the otolaryngology and Speech and language departments. This collaborative evaluation of the patient allows for optimal team based care for the VA patients and allows the residents insight into the voice evaluation and therapy aspects within the subspecialty. The division is also active within the grand rounds curriculum for resident education and continuing medical education for our faculty, as well as the resident basic science course.The Division of Laryngology has also been greatly benefited by its interaction with theCommunicative Disorders Group at Brooklyn Hospital were we have collaborated with their voice trained speech and language pathologists for non-invasive therapeutic techniques for care of professional voice performers, patients with high vocal demand and neurolaryngology patients with excellent results. This aspect of our division also has facilitated in the care of post laryngectomy patients by providing this population with a host of rehabilitative options from esophageal speech teaching, to TEP care and counseling. The division has also become more active in the operating room setting with higher case volume over each of the last several years including new microlaryngologic instruments to facilitate microsurgical vocal cord surgery and a new fiber hand held laser allowing us to expand our endoscopic options with improved precision and reliability allowing us to perform less invasive procedures with shorter recovery times and improved results.


As always, our goal is continued growth, and to expand our current scope of care providing the highest level of laryngologic care to our patients and our community.