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Department of Otolaryngology - Affiliated Hospitals

University Hospital of Brooklyn at LICH

photo of Long Island College Hospital

University Hospital of Brooklyn at Long Island College Hospital is a 506-bed, teaching hospital located in the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill neighborhood.  Founded in 1858 as a medical school as well as a hospital, LICH has made exceptional contributions to U.S. medicine.  In 1860, it became the first U.S. medical school to make bedside teaching a standard part of its medical curriculum, establishing an approach that was subsequently adopted throughout the country. Medical achievements of early LICH faculty include introduction of the stethoscope and early use of anesthesia.  In 1930, the Long Island College of Medicine was incorporated as a separate medical school, with LICH as its hospital affiliate, and the College of Medicine became part of SUNY in 1954.  Today, UHB at LICH prides itself on combining the best features of a major medical center with the personal, caring approach of a community-centered hospital.

Five residents rotate at LICH including one resident in a research rotation during the third otolaryngology year. LICH has an active emergency room. The hospital also has a large medical library containing 6,000 texts and 400 journals. The Department of Otolaryngology has its own library of recent otolaryngology texts, videotapes, current journals and a computer workstation for resident use. Grand Rounds and Basic Science lectures are held in this institution which is easily accessible from all affiliated hospitals. Animal surgical facilities are located across the street from the hospital with three full-time veterinary and technical staff.

The Department of Otolaryngology is actively involved in large and small animal research, basic science, and audiological research in this institution. Four full time audiologists perform all current tests and are engaged in several projects. Long Island College Hospital has an approved residency in Allergy and Immunology with a full time director. Both departments share clinical and academic programs.

A Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Laboratory was installed in January 1994 and is fully equipped with surgical instrumentation and microscopes. The educational capabilities are enhanced by a full video system to highlight video taped instruction as well as monitoring of an instructor’s dissection. The laboratory has stimulated an increased utilization of Temporal Bone teaching. Our residents currently receive a three month instruction course in Temporal Bone anatomy and surgical dissection in each of their four years of training.  Post graduate courses, including the instruction of laser application to Otologic surgery, are held on a regular basis at this facility.