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Department of Otolaryngology - Affiliated Hospitals

The Brooklyn Veterans Administration Hospital

photo of The Veterans Administration Hospital at Brooklyn

The Veterans Administration Hospital at Brooklyn is located in the southern corner of Brooklyn at the base of the Verrazano Bridge. This acute care facility has 392 beds. Associated with the main hospital is a long term care facility at St. Albans which is located in the eastern section of Brooklyn approximately 4 miles away. This institution has 443 acute and chronic care beds. The Otolaryngology service is a section of the Department of Surgery. This section is covered by 5 faculty members who are associated with the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn. The attending staff has fellowship training in head and neck cancer surgery, otology and neuro-otology, facial plastics and reconstructive surgery. The Otolaryngology Section has operating room time 4 days a week. A senior resident functions as a chief resident and manages the ENT Service. The chief resident is responsible for all admissions, discharges, outpatient clinic visits and surgical scheduling, and also supervises the junior resident and reports directly to the section chief. The junior resident’s graduated responsibility in the operating room and clinic depends upon the resident’s experience and capabilities. The resident scrubs on all surgical cases as either the surgeon or first assistant and is directly responsible for the care of the in patient service. The Otolaryngology Section currently has an outpatient clinic which meets four times a week and holds a tinnitus clinic every Friday. A head and neck tumor board has been established for every Monday where members of the chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiology and pathology services are available to discuss head and neck cancer patients currently under treatment. An attending is assigned to each clinic to provide resident supervision and daily teaching rounds are performed by these attendings. The Brooklyn VA Hospital Center provides an ample source of patients primarily in head and neck oncology, reconstructive surgery, facial plastic surgery and otology for the otolaryngology residents. The patient population demonstrates many cases of head and neck cancer secondary to alcohol and smoking abuse. In addition, the effects of aging on the auditory system are widely observed. The large volume of oncologic patients allows for the development of diagnostic techniques as well as for the performance of numerous surgical procedures. The Otolaryngology Clinic and operating room suites offer all contemporary equipment for video stroboscopy, sinus and otologic endoscopy, otomicroscopy, and fiberoptic laryngoscopy. In addition, clinic laser surgery has also been established. A Tinnitus Center has been established. Establishment of the Center has led to the development of various testing protocols for a very large population of patients with this condition.