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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Ophthalmology Research

Research Experience for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Medical Students

As the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, we are committed to providing a full, state-of-the-art research experience for students at all levels:

  • Undergraduates from our university as well as other area universities including Columbia University, Hunter College, Brooklyn College and others.
  • Graduate student training opportunities leading to the PhD or MD/PhD in the within three programs including Molecular Cell Biology, Neural and Behavioral Science, and Biomedial Engineering.
  • Medical students are mentored in our research laboratories as well as our clinical research. Short-term intensive periods of full time research, two months ot one year, are possible as well as long-term research work spread over all four years of training.

Obligations of each student trainee depends on the length of their stay, program of study and home institution obligations. All students receive orientation, chemical, lab and animal safety training. In order to train the next generation of translational researchers, we are committed to the highest quality-cross disciplinary training. Thus, students enrolled in the graduate school or basic science programs are encouraged to attend the following meetings:

  • Weekly grand rounds – case presentations
  • Monthly vision research seminars
  • Monthly vision group journal club
  • Monthly vision group lab meeting

These common sessions provide consistency of the research experience and mentoring of students. Critical reading of clinical, translational and basic research papers are taught as well as experimental design and analysis. Shared video and internet conferencing between our site and other centers in the SEI (hot link) is under development.

Students are encouraged at all levels to present their work at regional, national and international meetings (link to pdf list of student presentations).

For more information please contact: Marlene Hartin, Clinicial Research Coordinator.