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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Ophthalmology Research

Research Experience for Residents

A committee of faculty review and approve research projects and assess progress of the project and assure compliance with relevant University regulations. The research itself is mentored by one of our faculty. Thus, our faculty provides career mentoring to residents in both formal and informal settings.

Summary of Research Requirements for Ophthalmology Residents:

  • Each resident is required to complete one research project before the end of his/her residency under the supervision of a faculty advisor.
  • In their first and second years, residents are given protected research time of a half day per week for 7 weeks to complete their research projects.
  • All research projects are presented, reviewed and monitored by the research committee of the department. The research committee meets at least monthly to assess progress.
  • New research projects are submitted electronically; IRB and IACUC forms are also submitted electronically and approvals must be in place prior to the start of any project.
  • Each performance site has separate IRB/IACUC committees and institution specific forms. The clinical research coordinator will assist in this regulatory processes.
  • According to Federal regulations, all research staff are required to complete the Collaborative IRB Training Initiation (CITI) Certification. Residents are required to complete this training in an online course by September of the first year.

Research Committee Members:

  • Dr. John Danias, Director
  • Dr. Ivan Bodis-Wollner
  • Dr. Inci Dersu
  • Dr. Stephen Kaufman
  • Dr. John Laudi
  • Dr. Stephen Macknik
  • Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde
  • Dr. Roman Shinder
  • Dr. Eric Shrier
  • Dr. Edward Smith
  • Marlene Hartin, Research Coordinator

Our residents present their work at several national and international meetings including the ARVO meeting and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

List of Awards

The Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program (ECRIP) is an excellent opportunity for full time training for residents. The program administered by New York State provides for full salary support and limited research supplies for post-graduate medical students. Dr. Bodis-Wollner's work on Parkinson's Retinopathy and Dr. Danias's Glaucoma research have been successfully awarded these ECRIP Fellowships in the past.

For more information about open positions or staffing needs contact: Marlene Hartin, Research Coordinator.