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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Division of Gynecologic Oncology

About the Division

University Hospital of Brooklyn and Kings County Hospital Center are referral centers for patients with gynecologic cancer. The Division of Gynecologic Oncology remains extremely busy. Each year 200 to 250 new patients with gynecologic cancer are diagnosed or treated, and 200 major operations are performed by the Division. All chemotherapy is delivered on the Gynecologic Oncology Service.

The Division is staffed by four full-time gynecologic oncologists. The Division is fully accredited for subspecialty education and currently has a first-year, second-year and third-year Fellow.

Residents spend two months on the Gynecologic Oncology Service in each of their second and third years. They learn all aspects of the management of patients with gynecologic cancer including: Diagnosis and work-up, operative skills in radical surgery, administration of chemotherapy, diagnosis and treatment of lower genital intraepithelial neoplasia, and follow-up of cancer patients.

In the third year, senior residents have major responsibility for managing all aspects of the care of cancer patients.

Formal instruction in Gynecologic Oncology is provided through: a. Weekly seminars in Gynecologic Oncology b. Weekly Gynecologic Tumor Board meetings c. Weekly Pathology Review sessions.

Research projects are encouraged for all residents. Assistance in planning and executing studies is available from the Research and Evaluation Unit within the Division. There is an active Gynecologic Tumor Registry, and the Division is member of the national cooperative study group for clinical trials, the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG).