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Division of Obstetrics

Cyrus McCalla, M.D., Director

The Division of Obstetrics is an academically and clinically active service. Approximately 2,300 patients are delivered annually at University Hospital of Brooklyn (50% service), and 4,000 at KCHC (100% service). Residents provide the care to the patients in conjunction with midwives, medical students, midwifery students, and physician assistant students. Care is supervised by a team of attendings, which includes five specialists in maternal-fetal medicine. All resident clinics have perinatologists in attendance, and attending rounds are made with house staff on a daily basis.

Residents have graduated degrees of responsibility during their time on Obstetrics. First-year residents focus on normal deliveries: intrapartum management (vaginal deliveries, forceps, vacuum extractions, and primary cesarean sections), and antepartum and postpartum care. There is an ultrasound rotation during the first year. Second-year residents deal primarily with high-risk obstetrics. They admit and manage patients with hypertension, diabetes, hemoglobinopathies, and other medical complications. There are perinatal study rooms on both KCHC and UHB obstetrical wards, which accommodate ultrasound and antepartum testing.

Ongoing educational and research activities are extensive. Core lectures directed toward first- and second- year residents are repeated several times each year. Perinatal grand rounds are held weekly in conjunction with the neonatal team. Review of fetal monitor strips, clinical rounds, and a Journal Club take place weekly. Research projects include aspects of infectious diseases in obstetrics, endorphins, prematurity, and many other subjects. Residents completing this program will have a thorough knowledge of contempany obstetrics.