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New York State International Training & Research Program

Degree Programs

Applicants admitted into NYS-ITRP degree programs will receive intensive training. These programs are part of the graduate education experience of the University at Albany, School of Public Health. The departments of Epidemiology and Health Policy Management (HPM) offer training leading to an MS degrees. Two years is generally required to complete the requirements for the MS degree.


MS in Epidemiology Program

This program is designed to help fellows develop skills and competence in the practice, research, and teaching of the discipline of epidemiology which includes an understanding of the theory, methods, and knowledge of epidemiology. The program is part of the graduate education experience of the University at Albany, School of Public Health.

  • Have a general understanding of the history, legal basis, and organization of public health practice.
  • Be able to define, compute, and interpret fundamental epidemiologic measures and explain the meaning of validity and precision in the context of epidemiologic research.
  • Have experience with techniques for collecting data and understanding and applying the principles for assessing the quality of measurement of disease exposure.
  • Understand and appropriately apply basic statistical techniques for the analysis of epidemiologic data.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and present the results of epidemiologic research.
  • Have knowledge of behavioral interventions.

The recipient of the Epidemiology/Biostatistics/HPM Certificate will:

  • Understand and appropriately apply statistical techniques for the analysis of epidemiologic data;
  • Have a strong foundation in epidemiological research methods.


Collaborative Programs*


Collaborative MPH program (applicants from Georgia only)

  • Offers MPH students at Tbilisi State Medical University one semester of advanced coursework in epidemiology and biostatistics at the School of Public Health at the University of Albany.
  • Duration of training: 4-6 months.


* All degrees earned through the collaborative programs are granted by the home institution. Training in the United States is provided to complement in-country work.

Note: Applicants in both degree programs and post-doctoral programs are required to participate in mandatory intensive ethics training sessions. Subjects covered include research ethics, data management, data ownership, publications, misconduct, and intellectual property issues. Information is also provided on informed consent in human subjects research, responsible use of animals, issues relating to genetic testing, and information and issues relating to conflicts of interest.