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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Nursing Services

Executive Nursing Administration

photo of Margaret G. Jackson

Margaret G. Jackson, MA,RN

Assistant Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

phone: 718-270-1043

photo of Janis McPherson-Mille

Janis McPherson-Miller, RN, MSN

Deputy Director of Nursing

phone: 718-270-8111

photo of Monica Coronado

Dianne Woods, RN, MA, NE-BC

Deputy Director of Nursing - Institute of Continuous Learning, Performance Improvement & Recruitment

phone: 718-270-4377

photo of Edwin Jovellanos

Edwin Jovellanos, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR

Senior Associate Administrator
Nursing Perioperative Services

phone: 718-270-3397

Nursing Administration

photo of Jocelyn Alleyne

Jocelyn Alleyne, RN, MS

Senior Associate Administrator
Director of Transplant & Surgical Services

phone: 718-270-1142

photo of Cynthia Margalit

Cynthia Margalit, RN, MS

Associate Administrator
Director of Nursing-Behavioral Health & Department of Medicine

phone: 718-270-2886

photo of Cheryl Rolston

Cheryl Rolston, RN, MA, NE-BC

Director of Medical Surgical, Critical Care Services and the Emergency Department

phone: 718-270-7221

photo of Lorraine Blake-Reid

Lorraine Blake-Reid, RNC, MA, CCE

Director of Nursing Informatics

phone: 718-270-2074

photo of Marilou Bugarin

Marilou Bugarin, RN, BSN

Associate Director of Nursing, Patient Throughput

phone: 718-270-4702

photo of Kunjamma Chacko

Kunjamma Chacko, RN, MSN, CCRN

Associate Director of Nursing-Para Anesthesia Unit

phone: 718-270-5284

photo of JoAnne Crennel-Byrne

JoAnne Crennel-Byrne, RN, EdM, CCRN

Associate Director of Nursing-Post Anesthesia Care Units

phone: 718-270-2666

photo of Ray Cupid

Ray Cupid, RN, BSN, MPA, CEN

Associate Director of Coronary Progressive Care Unit & Behavioral Health Services

phone: 718-567-2521

photo of Rosario De LaPena

Rosario T. De LaPena, RN, MS

Associate Director of Nursing - Operating Room

phone: 718-270-8138

photo of Cheryl Okundaye

Cheryl Okundaye, RN, BA, BSN

Associate Director of Nursing-Performance Improvement

phone: 718-270-2583


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