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Department of Nursing Services

Journey to Magnet Excellence

Ambassadors for Excellence

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Over one hundered employees attended a celebration to honor the dedicated nurses and members of the interdisciplinary team who are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence and a collaborative caring environment that enhances patient care experiences at University Hospital of Brooklyn. Ambassadors are frontline experts who guide us on our journey toward reclaiming patient care excellence, quality and safety. Ambassadors for Excellence represented members from Nursing Advanced Practice Nursing, Institute of Continuous Learning, Case Management, Clinical Labs, Graduate Medical Education, Infection Control, Information Services, Nutrition/Dietary Services, Patient Relations, Perioperative Services, Pharmacy, and Rehabilitation services.

Hospital Ambassadors:

  • Advanced Practice Nursing: Ila Hill-Ludford, NP, Denise Rolston, CNS, Julieth McLaughlan, NP
  • Ambulatory Care: Claudette Marshall, RN, Evette Dolly, RN
  • Bay Ridge Urgent Care: Ernelia B. Caballero, RN, Renata Luque-Bolmanski, RN, Iris Monteclaro, RN
  • Cath Lab: Patricia Harrison, RN, Vanessa Graves, RN
  • Clinical Labs: Jeronimo Belgrave
  • Emergency Department: Andrea Harry, RN, Carolyn E. Woods, RN
  • EPS: Loretta Thompson, RN
  • Graduate Medical Education: Olive Bautista
  • Hospital Information Services: Herman Chen
  • Infection Control: Dirk Joseph, Jean Powell, NP, RN
  • Institute of Continuous Learning: Kezy Adai, SA
  • IV Team: Corina Florece-Ruiz, RN
  • Neuro Stepdown & Stroke Unit: Morenike John-Adebumola, RN, Morella McIntosh, RN, Abimbola Jaiyesimi, RN
  • Nutrition/Dietary Services: Stefani Skidell, RD
  • Operating Rooms: Renier Luboa, RN, Bisola Koleosho, RN
  • Parkside Dialysis: Sheron Henry, RN, Errol Sharpe, RN
  • Patient Relations: Harner Vaval
  • Perioperative Services/Ambulatory Surgery: Marjorie LaMarque, RN, Catherine Williams-Hayes, NP
  • Pharmacy: Donald Caracciola, RPh
  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit: Tara Best, RN, Maria Lindsay, RN
  • Rehabilitation Services: Ucelta MacLorraine, PT, Ruschel Patrick, OT
  • Social Work: Lisa Unger, LSW

Nursing Ambassadors:

  • NS 23 - PIRR: Nyrva Aime, RN, Kurt James, RN
  • NS 24 - CTICU/CTSD: Thakurdei Srinarain, RN, Jeffrey Petrolle, RN
  • NS 26 - CCU: Jean Dominique, RN, Samira Vaccianna, RN
  • NS 31 - L&D: Alexandrina Eudelle, RN, Saonjie Hamilton, RN
  • NS 32 - Post Partum/Nursery: Keisha Smith, RN, Vinett Sterling-Walton, RN, Yunona Zaytseva, RN
  • NS 33 - MICU: Nyasha Cupid, RN, Inez Edwards, RN
  • NS 35 - NICU: June James, RN, Shirlene Watcott, RN
  • NS 42 - Pediatrics: Maxine Coleman, RN, Ijeoma Nutkogu, RN, Patrice Oliver, RN
  • NS 43 - PICU: Hedda Gale Gallard, RN, Eula Nelson, RN
  • NS 52 - Psychiatry: Portford Edwards, RN, Ojiugo Chukueke, RN
  • NS 61 - Medicine: Joann Joseph, RN, Priscilla Skinner, RN
  • NS 62 - Medicine/Telemetry: Kahlima Collins, RN, Michelle Thomas, RN
  • NS 63 - Acute Dialysis: Gwenette Alleyne, RN, Edith Ubakanma, RN
  • NS 71/73 - Epilespsy Unit: Alison Erskine, RN, Marina Noninyan, RN
  • NS 72 - Medicine/Oncolo: Carol Bailey, RN, Onicka Joseph, RN
  • NS 81 - Surgery/GSSD/CPCU: Mona Lashely-Robotham, RN, Karen Dunca, RN
  • NS 82 - Transplant: Cynthia Baylosis, RN

Frontline Leadership

Frontline Leadership Academy: 2010-2011

On December 13, 2011, 20 Frontline Nursing Program Alumni presented their progress toward developing campaign strategies that support the Department of Nursing Services' Magnet strategic plan in 2012. Campaign Strategies include 1) Specialty Nursing Certification, 2) Nursing Research & Evidence-based Practice, 3) Patient Education related to Medications, 4) Best Practices in Falls Prevention, and 5) Customer Service/Service Excellence.

The Department of Nursing Services has partnered with The Advisory Board Company Center for Frontline Nursing Leadership since 2007. The Frontline Nursing Leadership Program is designed to harness the untapped leadership potential of frontline nursing staff by equipping them with the skills to drive unit and organizational performance, create a critical mass of frontline exemplars to support a broader culture of leadership, identify and develop the next generation of leaders to expand leadership capacity, and, elevate the prestige of frontline nursing and staff to retain the highest performers and recruit new talent. To date, 60 staff nurses have completed the Frontline Program.

We salute the following participants for their campaign strategies:

Nursing Specialty Certification Campaign Team

Marie Decatus, RN – NS 33
Sherryl Hazzard, BSN, RN – NS 35
Tracey Martin-Miller, BSN, RN – NS 63
Mary Jane Torres, BSN, RN, CCRN – CCU

To increase RN certification by 10% in December 2012.

Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice Campaign Team

Grace Abrahams, BSN, RN – Amb. Services
Sharmine Alleyne, BSN, RN – Cath. Lab
Althea Clement, BSN, RN – NS 31
Valerie McLawrence, BSN, RN – NS 32

To develop a nursing research and evidence-based practice (EBP) campaign to encourage research at the point of care so as to meet Magnet requirements of 1 research study per 100 beds annually.

Nursing Quality (Falls Prevention) Campaign Team

Aristedes Bravo, RN – CPCU
Sharon, Ewart, RN – NS 23
Grace Lawrence-Perry, RN-CRRN – NS 74

Zero Falls in the Ambulatory O.R. Unit.

Service Excellence/Customer Service Campaign Team

Vanessa Bristol-Lewis, BSN, RN – NS 42
Corina Florece-Ruiz, BSN, RN – IV Team
Melvic Humphreys, BSN, RN, CNOR – OR
Melody Millan, BSN, RN – PACU
Andrea Royal, BSN, RN – NS 42
Clarita Surage, MS, BSN, RN – OR

To develop a campaign strategy on NS 42 (Pediatrics) in order to demonstrate a 10% increase in the First Quarter of 2012 in the Press Ganey indicator "Nurses kept patient and family informed.

Patient Education Campaign Team

Bola Faleti-Ogunnaike, RN – NS 24
Yvette Fraser Fortune, RN – NS 24
Rachiel Niland, BSN, RN – NS 35

To develop a patient education program for teaching patients and families about discharge medications.