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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Nursing Services

Nursing Informatics

The Nursing Informatics Team

In 2007, with the advent of the hospital wide strategic plan to implement the electronic health record, the Chief Nursing Officer, Ms. Margaret Jackson initiated the division with the Associate Director of Nursing, Lorraine Blake-Reid whose interest was in technology and its impact on nursing practice and patient care. Three Assistant Directors of Nursing were appointed, Ms. Curleen Devignes, Ms. Michele Fisher and Ms. Brenda Jenkins and the EMAR team which consists of eight staff nurses dedicated to the implementation of the computerized system. Nursing Informatics participates in interdisciplinary strategic planning to determine system solutions that support patient care, set standards for clinical applications to meet accreditation standards and regulatory requirements.

In their continuation of the implementation of the electronic health record, computerized physician order entry and nursing clinical documentation was implemented in 2010 and 2011 respectively. In 2012, Medication Order reconciliation was implemented with nurses entering the home medications in the system. Ninety five per cent (95%)of ambulatory nurses electronically document their patient assessment and progress notes.

photo of Lorraine Blake-Reid

Lorraine Blake-Reid, MA, RNC, CCE

Associate Director of Nursing-Informatics

Contact Information:
Extension 2074

photo of Curleen DeVignes

Curleen DeVignes BSN, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing-Informatics

Contact Information:
Extension 8011

photo of Michele Fisher

Michele Fisher, BSN, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing-Informatics

Contact Information:
Extension 8010

photo of Brenda Jenkins

Brenda Jenkins BSN, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing-Informatics

Contact Information:
Extension 1968

EMAR Project Team

group photo

First Row: Left to Right; Joan Desouza RN-NS 61, Patricia Cummings RN, NS 81, Karla Service RN, NS 62, Tanisha Anderson RN, NS 32
Second Row: Left to Right: Margaret Jackson, CNO, Abdallahi Diop RN, NS 82, Tannisha Capers RN, NS 42, Yafresi Suero RN, NS 33
Third Row: Left to Right: Michele Fisher RN, Curleen DeVignes RN, Lorraine Blake-Reid, RN
Missing: Rhonda Hewitt RN, Stroke Unit