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[January 9,2008]


SUNY Downstate Medical Center is among 25 institutions statewide receiving funds from the state’s new $600 million-dollar initiative to study stem cells. The first outlay announced by Governor Spitzer is $14.5 million, to be divided in varying amounts among the recipients.

The $192,267 award to SUNY Downstate will support stem cell research infrastructure at Downstate – Brooklyn’s only academic medical center – including upgrading cell sorting, the transgenic core facility, confocal imaging, stem cell culture, and the study of stem cell gene expression.

Drs. Gladys Teitelman, professor of anatomy and cell biology and the grant’s principal investigator, developed the grant proposal with Dr. Christopher Roman, assistant professor of microbiology, and Dr. William Brunken, associate professor of anatomy and cell biology.

In addition, funds will help support Dr. Teitelman’s research on the use of stem cells to treat diabetes. 

SUNY Downstate comprises a College of Medicine, a School of Graduate Studies, Colleges of Nursing and Health Related Professions, a Public Health Degree Program, University Hospital of Brooklyn, and a growing Advanced Biotechnology Park and Biotechnology Incubator.