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[September 10, 2007]


September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. SUNY Downstate Medical Center will offer free prostate cancer screenings at various times and locations in Brooklyn from September 17-21. This service is available to men age 40 and older.

The good news is that prostate cancer is a very curable if detected early. Physicians can detect prostate cancer early if men do their part. Getting screened for prostate cancer will ensure you the best possible chance of leading a long and healthy life even if you have prostate cancer. If you do have prostate cancer, there are many options for treatment, most of which are non-surgical

If you are a man over the age of 40, you need to be screened for prostate cancer. Men with a family history of prostate cancer are at higher risk, as are men of African descent, who are at twice the risk of other men.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week is a national program of the Prostate Cancer Education Council. Call 718-270-8846 or 718-270-3739 for more details.