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[March 7, 2006]


SUNY Downstate Medical Center is assisting the Multicultural Healthcare Education Foundation and the Congressional Black Caucus sponsor the “Bridging Healthcare Disparities: Getting Healthy and Living Well in the Black Community” conference on Friday, March 10.

The conference will address the effects of health disparities among African-Americans.  Several of Downstate’s faculty members will be speakers at the event.  Luther Clark, MD, chief of cardiology and principle investigator at the Brooklyn Center for Health Disparities, is co-chairperson of Conference Faculty and will moderate the discussion segment, “The Doctor Patient Relationship: Understanding Your Patient and the Patient Understanding You.”

Drs. Ruth Browne, assistant professor of preventive medicine and community health; Ellen Ginzler, chief of rheumatology; Douglas R. Lazzaro, interim chair of ophthalmology;Dr. Randall Bloomfield, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology; and Monica Sweeney, assistant professor of preventive medicine and community health, will also speak on specific disparities afflicting black communities at the conference.

The conference is scheduled from 8am-5pm in the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge (The Brooklyn Marriott) located at 333 Adams St.  Present trends in diabetes and HIV/AIDS and their consequences in Black communities will be examined.  Solutions to narrowing health disparities and a review of culturally relevant treatment approaches will also be discussed.  To register for the conference go to:

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, serving more than 2 million people within the borough.  SUNY Downstate is located at 450 Clarkson Avenue.