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[October 26, 2006]

Downstate and Partners to Provide Healthy Trifecta: Talks, Screenings and Dinner 
Baby boomers are quickly approaching retirement. America’s largest generation should look forward to those coming days when they can follow their retirement dreams. Yet for all the years of hard work an unhealthy lifestyle may make retirement bittersweet.
To help people make healthy choices while they will do the most good, SUNY Downstate Medical Center has partnered with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Berean Baptist Church to present “A Dine & Learn Healthy Baby Boomer and Savvy Senior Symposium” to educate them on various health issues vital to their physical well-being.
The symposium will be held on Thursday, November 9, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at Berean Baptist Church, 1635 Bergen Street, between Utica and Rochester Avenues, in Brooklyn.
SUNY Downstate health professionals will provide valuable information on heart disease, stroke, diabetes, exercise, cancer, sexual health, and HIV. Health screening at the event include blood pressure, rapid HIV, vision, and glucose tests. A complimentary dinner will also be served to all participants. More than 300 people are expected to attend the event, the latest in a series of “Dine & Learn” community outreach programs sponsored by SUNY Downstate.
“Life does not stop at 50, so it’s important to remain independent for longer periods and delay the need for costly long-term care. It should be stressed that poor health and the loss of independence are not inevitable consequences of aging,” says event organizer Karen Jemmott, physician outreach coordinator at Downstate. “This conference is geared towards helping baby boomers and seniors make better lifestyle choices that will improve their quality of life.”