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Frank C. Barone, PhD

Professor of Neurology

phone: (718) 221-5745


Research interests:

Basic scientific study of Cerebrovascular dieases with focus on ischemic stroke, vascular dementia and trauma; Development of animal disease models that can translate well to man and will facilitate our understanding of disease biology, pathology and signaling, and biomarkers in order to impact drug discovery and advances in therapeutic interventions; Persue close collaborations with Clinical Researchers and Neuroscientists to help make Translational Medicine a reality.

Teaching interests:

Pathophysiology of brain injury in cerebrovascular disease/stroke and neurotrauma; Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology and Neurophysiology, Drug discovery and animal models of disease.

Education and training:
  • PhD: Neuroscience, Syracuse University
  • Research Assistant Professor: Syracuse University, 4 years
  • Director Discovery Research: GlaxoSmithKline, 25 years
  • Adjunct Faculty / Professor: Temple University Medical School, Depaartment of Physiology – 20 years; Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Pharmacology and Biochemistry – 10 years