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Department of Neurology

Photo of Frank C. Barone

Frank C. Barone, PhD

Professor of Neurology

phone: (718) 221-5745



Research interests:

Basic scientific study of Cerebrovascular dieases with focus on ischemic stroke, vascular dementia and trauma; Development of animal disease models that can translate well to man and will facilitate our understanding of disease biology, pathology and signaling, and biomarkers in order to impact drug discovery and advances in therapeutic interventions; Persue close collaborations with Clinical Researchers and Neuroscientists to help make Translational Medicine a reality.

Teaching interests:

Pathophysiology of brain injury in cerebrovascular disease/stroke and neurotrauma; Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology and Neurophysiology, Drug discovery and animal models of disease.

Education and training:

PhD: in Neuroscience (Syracuse University)

Research Assistant Professor (Syracuse University; 4 years)

Director Discovery Research (GlaxoSmithKline; 25 years)

Adjunct Faculty/Professor (Temple University Medical School, Depaartment of Physiology [20 years] and Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Pharmacology and Biochemistry [10 years])

Recent publications:

Legos JJ, Lenhard SC, Haimbach RE, Schaeffer TR, Bentley RG, McVey MJ, Chandra S, Irving EA, Andrew A Parsons, Barone FC. SB 234551 selective ET(A) receptor antagonism: perfusion/diffusion MRI used to define treatable stroke model, time to treatment and mechanism of protection. Exp Neurol. 2008 Jul;212(1):53-62.

Lenhard SC, Strittmatter R, Price WJ, Chandra S, White RF, Barone FC. Brain MRI and neurological deficit measurements in focal stroke: rapid throughput validated with isradipine. Pharmacology. 2008;81(1):1-10.

Barone FC, Endogenous brain protection: models, gene expression, and mechanisms. Methods Mol Med. 2005;104:105-84.

Maguire S, Strittmatter R, Chandra S, Barone FC. Stroke-prone rats exhibit prolonged behavioral deficits without increased brain injury: an indication of disrupted post-stroke brain recovery of function. Neurosci Lett. 2004 Jan 16;354(3):229-33.

Legos JJ, Barone FC. Update on pharmacological strategies for stroke: prevention, acute intervention and regeneration. Curr Opin Investig Drugs. 2003 Jul;4(7):847-58.

McLaughlin B, Hartnett KA, Erhardt JA, Legos JJ, White RF, Barone FC, Aizenman E. Caspase 3 activation is essential for neuroprotection in preconditioning. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Jan 21;100(2):715-20.

Toomey JR, Valocik RE, Koster PF, Gabriel MA, McVey M, Hart TK, Ohlstein EH, Parsons AA, Barone FC. Inhibition of factor IX(a) is protective in a rat model of thromboembolic stroke. Stroke. 2002 Feb;33(2):578-85.

Read SJ, Parsons AA, Harrison DC, Philpott K, Kabnick K, O' Brien S, Clark S, Brawner M, Bates S, Gloger I, Legos JJ, Barone FC. Stroke genomics: approaches to identify, validate, and understand ischemic stroke gene expression. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2001 Jul;21(7):755-78.

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Barone FC, Ohlstein EH, Hunter AJ, Campbell CA, Hadingham SH, Parsons AA, Yang Y, Shohami E. Selective antagonism of endothelin-A-receptors improves outcome in both head trauma and focal stroke in rat. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2000 Nov;36(5 Suppl 1):S357-61.

Currie RW, Ellison JA, White RF, Feuerstein GZ, Wang X, Barone FC. Benign focal ischemic preconditioning induces neuronal Hsp70 and prolonged astrogliosis with expression of Hsp27. Brain Res. 2000 Apr 28;863(1-2):169-81.

Barone FC, Feuerstein GZ. Inflammatory mediators and stroke: new opportunities for novel therapeutics. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 1999 Aug;19(8):819-34.

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Barone FC, White RF, Spera PA, Ellison J, Currie RW, Wang X, Feuerstein GZ. Ischemic preconditioning and brain tolerance: temporal histological and functional outcomes, protein synthesis requirement, and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and early gene expression. Stroke. 1998 Sep;29(9):1937-50; discussion 1950-1.

Feuerstein GZ, Wang X, Barone FC. The role of cytokines in the neuropathology of stroke and neurotrauma. Neuroimmunomodulation. 1998 May-Aug;5(3-4):143-59.

Romanic AM, White RF, Arleth AJ, Ohlstein EH, Barone FC. Matrix metalloproteinase expression increases after cerebral focal ischemia in rats: inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-9 reduces infarct size. Stroke. 1998 May;29(5):1020-30.

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Barone FC, Feuerstein GZ, White RF. Brain cooling during transient focal ischemia provides complete neuroprotection. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 1997 Jan;21(1):31-44.