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What's New

The combined Internal Medicine-Emergency Medicine is a five-year program that leads to board eligibility in both disciplines. Residents spend 30 months in medicine completing almost the same schedule of rotations as the categorical residents. They have a small reduction in medical floor and subspecialty rotations and a small increase in critical care rotations. Residents completing the program will be fully prepared to practice internal medicine as well as emergency medicine, or even to apply to fellowships in internal medicine sub-specialties. Residents who graduate from this program will be superb hospitalists with unlimited career options..

Beginning July 1, 2003 we will offer a combined Medicine-MPH program in conjunction with SUNY’s Department of Preventive Medicine. The schedule is organized to allow completion of all requirements for board-eligibility and the MPHdegree in three years. Class work is scheduled over one summer and in the evenings during ambulatory blocks.

Kings County Hospital has moved into a brand new, technology-rich facility that houses over 500 patients and one of the busiest emergency rooms in the country. Rotations here provide residents an opportunity to care for a diverse patient population with a fascinating variety of pathology. “The County” remains a dynamic and exciting place to learn medicine – now in superb, modern surroundings.