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Program and Tracks


Categorical Medicine:

is a fully accredited three-year program leading to board eligibility in Medicine. Residents rotate through all three of our teaching hospitals and at least five of our six critical care units. A third of residency is spent working in ambulatory care facilities, including a general medicine continuity clinic every week, a busy emergency room, and an extensive array of specialty clinics. After three years of training, residents are fully prepared for any career in medicine they choose.

Combined Medicine and Emergency Medicine:

is a five-year program that leads to board eligibility in both disciplines. Residents spend 30 months in medicine completing almost the same schedule of rotations as the categorical residents. They have a small reduction in medical floor and subspecialty rotations and a small increase in critical care rotations. Residents completing the program will be fully prepared to practice internal medicine as well as emergency medicine, or even to apply to fellowships in internal medicine sub-specialties. Residents who graduate from this program will be superb hospitalists with unlimited career options.

Preliminary Medicine:

is a one year experience designed as a clinical base year for those entering a specialty like Radiology or Anesthesiology that requires initial experience in Internal Medicine. This is not equivalent to a transitional year where interns rotate through multiple specialties for a few months each. The schedule for the preliminary year is the same as that for the categorical program, with a few exceptions. Preliminary residents do not attend a continuity clinic and they may substitute elective experience for their ambulatory block months.