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Living in Brooklyn

Grand Army Plaza

SUNY teaching hospitals are located in the center of this bustling borough that is home to more than two million people of approximately 95 different ethnic groups. Brooklyn has enjoyed a renaissance during the last decade and is home to a new generation of young professionals, artists and families.

Borough Hall Among its many landmarks are the Brooklyn Museum, the seventh largest art museum in the country with a number of world famous collections; the Brooklyn Academy of Music which offers a varied program of dance, theater and music; 50 acres of serene beauty in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens; and Prospect Park, a 526 acre park with miles of bicycle paths, two lakes, a riding stable, an ice skating rink, a carousel, and a zoo.
For convenient living, some neighborhoods to consider include Park Slope, an easy commute to any of the hospitals, with block after block of attractive brownstone houses and apartment buildings; Bay Ridge and Borough Park, pleasant residential neighborhoods surrounding the Veterans Hospital, with tree-lined streets of single family and two family dwellings; Flatbush, the area surrounding the University Hospital, with an interesting blend of large apartment buildings, row houses, and single family Victorian homes that creates an almost suburban atmosphere just minutes from the Health Science Center; and Brooklyn Heights, a beautiful urban neighborhood with lovely brownstone houses and a scenic promenade overlooking the skyline of lower Manhattan, only 15 minutes from Kings County and University Hospital. Intern Party
Brooklyn Bridge

Of course, Brooklyn is also a quick trip away from the limitless possibilities of Manhattan.
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