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SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Downstate Depot - Mail Services

Mail Services INFO

Phone: 718-270-1175
Fax: 718-270-2043
MailStopCode: 2000
Email: Mail Services Supervisors
Location: UH B-529 (Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; UH Basement opposite Medical Records)

Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, except holidays

Payment Process for ALL Special Services

Mail Services Pricing Policy: Mail Services is not a formal recharge service at DMC. Customer State accounts are directly charged, and RF & other DMC affiliates are invoiced for the services rendered by Mail Services. All products and services are charged at cost to all customer funding sources (State, Research, or DMC Affiliates); There is no mark up over the cost of the procured goods, materials or services that are billed by the source vendor/ provider. While Mail Services can estimate the cost of the service, the actual amount is not confirmed until the courier's billing is received. Actual courier billing may have additional charges such as insufficient or inaccurate addressing to be added after the initial estimate is given by Mail Services.

  • State Business Mail will be processed by the Mail Service unit utilizing the most economical USPS class of service; all express or premium rate services must be funded by the sender. A signed State Purchase Requisition* must be brought to Mail Services along with the mailing (or attached to the mailing if mailing is placed in your dept daily mail pick-up tray). The requisition needs to indicate the 8 digit State account number where charges are to be made and be appropriately signed by an authorized account signator. Mail Services will directly charge your account upon Mail Services receiving and paying the applicable vendor's invoice. Expenses will appear in your account under contractual services object code 5601 (Postage) with the applicable vendor name (United Parcel Service/ UPS, or FedEx, etc.). Payment for any USPS (the Post Office) special services such as certified mail, etc.. occurs upon the Mail Services' processing of the next following centerwide USPS postage replenishment and will appear in your account as vendor= "US Postal Service-Neopost".
  • Research Foundation (Grant related) Business Mail. A signed Research Foundation Purchase Requisition, signed by Project Director and the DMC Office of Research Administration (ORA), indicating the Grant number to be charged, must accompany the mailing. When Mail Services receives and processes the applicable vendor's invoice payment, Mail Services sends an invoice to ORA with your requisition, and ORA then makes payment to the Mail Services IFR account 90084501.
  • DMC Affiliated Entity Business Mail. A signed State Purchase Requisition* must accompany the mailing for the initial estimated cost that Mail Services provides at the time of the mailing. The requisition must identify the affiliated entity's billing invoice information "Bill to (insert affiliate's name), person's name, MailStopCode, account number (if applicable), and be signed by an authorized signator for that account. Mail Services will issue an invoice with the requisition to the affiliated entity business office for payment to the Mail Services IFR account 90084501.
    • * FSA Payment Forms are accepted for FSA accounts; HSCBF Payment Forms are accepted for HSCBF accounts in lieu of a State Purchase Requisition form. Once an actual amount is known, after Mail Services receives a courier's billing statement, Mail Services will then issue a Mail Services invoice attached to the signed Payment Form that was submitted at the time of the mailing, and send to the FSA/ HSCBF business office (MSC 1219) for payment to the Mail Services IFR account 90084501.
  • Personal Mail. Mail Services can advise you of the amount due... Payment is required to be made in advance at the DMC Bursar's office for deposit to the Mail Services IFR account 90084501, then bring your Bursar's receipt in order to process your mail items. If your shipment incurs any subsequent additional service charge (such as inaccurate recipient address or other charges not identified when shipment is first initiated), you will be held responsible for reimbursing any additional amount due.