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University Hospital of Brooklyn at

Long Island College Hospital

photo of a group of people

Ms. Michele Garris is honored at the United Hospital Fund's annual Sature to Volunteers.
(L to R, standing): Natasha Burke, Director of Community Affairs and Volunteer Services; Edith mark, Department of Ophthalmology; Diana Sullivan, Chief Administrative Officer. (L to R, sitting): Michele Garris; Danette Morel-Abreu, Manager of Volunteers

photo of a group of people

Danette Morel-Abreu, Manager of Volunteers (middle), knows how grateful we are at Downstate LICH for the dedication of volunteers such as Michele Garris (L) and Marie Orso (R).


Volunteers make communities better places! Volunteers are inspiring and dedicated. From the Neonatal Care Unit to Geriatrics, volunteer work spans the life cycle. We "pay" volunteers in grateful smiles, warm handshakes and a deep sense of gratitude.

At Downstate Long Island College Hospital, volunteers lend support not only to our patients and their families, but also to staff, acting as an extra pair of hands. Whatever your talent, age or schedule, we can meet your needs and interests. We will help match your personal interests to suitable volunteer positions in the hospital, while respecting other commitments you may have. Volunteers assist throughout the hospital in:

  • Patient Care
  • Support Services

To be a volunteer is very rewarding. It helps keep you grounded and lets you interact with many different people. Our volunteers range in age from their teens through their golden years.

At Downstate LICH we are deeply grateful to volunteers, who meet community needs through the selfless contribution of their time.

If you would like to bring your big heart to Downstate Long Island College Hospital as a volunteer, please call (718)780-1982 – we welcome you and thank you!

Volunteer Dinner 2012

Barbara Porter, Volunteer of the Year 2012 and all her selfless colleagues were honored at the annual Volunteer dinner. Ms. Porter assists patients, families and staff in the Department of Ophthalmology. Volunteers: you inspire us!

group photo

The volunteers of Downstate LICH celebrate!