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» The service is on hiatus due to facility upgrades. Please contact Dr. Roman for further information.


Production of Transgenic Mice

  • Pronuclear injection of embryos with conventional or BAC transgenes
  • Embryo transfer to pseudopregnant females
  • Lentiviral infection and transfer of embryos


  • Frozen embryo transfers
  • New embryo transfers


  • Design of transgenic vectors
  • Preparation of transgenic DNA
  • Genotyping


Christopher Roman, Ph. D., Director
Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology
(718) 270-1310

Chongmin Huan, M.D., Ph. D., Research Scientist
Vol Asst Professor, Department of Cell Biology
(718) 270-4570

  • Contact Dr. Roman for fees or to make an appointment for a consult.
  • The P.I. must have an IACUC approved animal protocol to use mice for experimental purposes.

Pronuclear Microinjection Sublicense Agreement:

Methods of pronuclear microinjection are patented under United State Patent No. 4,873,191, entitled "Genetic Transformation of Zygotes," assigned to Ohio University and licensed to Xenogen Biosciences. The State University of New York (SUNY) currently holds a Sublicense Agreement, which provides for the generation of transgenic animals for SUNY faculty, as well as for individuals at other organizations. For individuals external to the SUNY, a specific MTA form must be completed before service can be provided; please contact Christopher Roman, Ph. D., for this form.