Spring • 2000

Dear Readers:

Brooklyn Women's Health was created to bring practical, up-to-the-minute health information to the more than one million women living in our borough.  Because we recognize that Brooklyn women represent a very diverse group, Brooklyn Women's Health will discuss the special health needs of women of different ages, races, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, along with topics common to all women.  We will offer advice about healthy lifestyles and suggest resources for finding more information or direct medical help.  Watch for reports on new medical breakthroughs in this and future issues.

The Health Science Center at Brooklyn, also known as Downstate, is committed to promoting women's health.  On behalf of our president, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, we are proud to be able to offer you this newsletter.

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JoAnn Bradley, Ed.D.
Vice President for
Academic Affairs and
Executive Dean of Allied
Health and Nursing

For information about University Hospital of Brooklyn and its services,
please call 718-270-4762.
For a referral to a Downstate physician,
please call toll free 1 - 888 - 270 - SUNY.