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General Information

The Borough of Brooklyn has been particularly hard hit by the AIDS epidemic with nearly 23,350 residents cumulatively diagnosed with the disease. AIDS in Brooklyn has disproportionately affected women and children thus SUNY Downstate Medical Center has been a pioneer in AIDS care and research for this population. Beginning in 1985 with one of the first research studies examining perinatal HIV transmission, the HIV Center for Women and Children has grown to a multi-disciplinary center currently serving over 2,000 HIV-infected men, women and children with over $16 million dollars in annual extramural funding.

The HIV Center for Women and Children is composed of care providers and investigators with academic appointments in the Departments of Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Preventive Medicine, Medicine and Psychiatry who employ over 180 providers, researchers and support staff in a number of HIV-related programs.

Both care and research take place primarily at University Hospital of Brooklyn and Kings County Hospital Center (KCHC), however, community-based organizations and other Brooklyn hospitals are also sites for HIV-related activities sponsored by the HIV Center's investigators. The goals of the HIV Center for Women and Children are to integrate and expand the multidisciplinary efforts that exist within the HIV care and research programs. The HIV Center for Women and Children comprises various programs.