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SUNY Adolescent Education Program


The mission of the Adolescent Education Program (AEP) is to provide education regarding HIV prevention, teen pregnancy, and substance use through skills building and counseling to youth at risk. The program provides age, language and culturally appropriate education to teens to ensure that they receive adequate information regarding prevention as well as medical and social services. Teens Helping Each Other (THEO), the program's peer education project, trains at-risk adolescents to become peer educators utilizing improvisational interactive theater learning tools such as games, short skits, songs/raps, plays and videos about HIV-related issues to facilitate discussions. The teens make presentations at schools, churches, and community programs that serve adolescents. The program also provides training to community-based adolescent service providers and facilitates the development of HIV-related services for youth organizations. These services are directly integrated with SUNY Downstate's Ryan White Part C funded Health and Education Alternatives for Teens (HEAT) Program, which coordinates a planning process among Brooklyn-based youth service providers to establish additional HIV counseling and testing services for youth. The program is funded by the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute and Bureau of Child and Adolescent Health.

For further information, contact:

Christine Rucker, MA 
Director, Adolescent Education Program
(718) 270-3203