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Neurophysiological Research Faculty/Staff

Morton Ehrenberg

Henri Begleiter Neurodynamics Laboratory


Tel: (718) 270-2115


Research Scientist (Biomedical Engineering)



2011-2012       Research Analyst, Laboratory for Behavioral Neuroimaging, The Feinstein Institute

2008-2011       Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Environmental Medicine, University of Rochester

2008                Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester

2000                B.S. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Cornell University; Cum Laude



Image correlation microscopy for uniform illumination.

Gaborski TR, Sealander MN, Ehrenberg M, Waugh RE, McGrath JL; J Microscopy 2010 Jan; 237(1):39-50.


The influence of protein adsorption on nanoparticle association with cultured endothelial cells.

Ehrenberg M, Friedman A, Finkelstein J, Oberdörster G, McGrath JL.; Biomaterials 2009 Feb; 30(4):603-10.


Binding between particles and proteins in extracts: implications for microrheology and toxicity.

Ehrenberg M, McGrath JL.; Acta Biomaterialia, 2005 May; 1(3):305-15 Actin motility: staying on track takes a little more effort. Ehrenberg M, McGrath JL.; Current Biology 2004 Nov 9; 14(21):R931-2.


The role of substrate curvature in actin-based pushing forces.

Schwartz I, Ehrenberg M, Bindschadler M, McGrath JL.; Current Biology 2004 Jun 22;14(12):1094-8.