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The School of Graduate Studies

The Scientific/Academic Computing Center

The Scientific Computing Center (SCC) is an in-house consulting group providing research support for faculty, staff, and students. Services include instruction in the use of programs for analysis and presentation and access to specialized computer equipment and software. In addition to consulting services, the Center also delivers lectures and seminars to Basic Science and Clinical departments on bio-statistics, and data acquisition and analysis. Staffed by career scientists with expertise in experimental design, bio-statistics, mathematical modeling, signal analysis and bio-informatics, Scientific Computing is designed to be a one-stop Center for the researchers needs.

Typical consultation services, which the SCC provides for researchers, are:

  • Determining proper sample sizes for statistical significance
  • Formulating appropriate hypotheses
  • Utilizing mark-sense scan forms for data input
  • Using appropriate techniques for acquiring and organizing data
  • Reorganizing, transforming, simplifying, and summarizing complex data
  • Using software for graphing and displaying data
  • Modifying and enhancing image files
  • Modeling procedures for fitting curves to data
  • Scanning images and data into computer files
  • Assisting the researcher in interpreting and writing up results of data analysis
  • Utilizing advanced scientific programs
  • Writing special purpose programs for modeling and analysis

The Scientific Computing Center also maintains the Faculty Resource Room, a core computing and graphic facility open to SUNY Downstate researchers. This facility is equipped with large screen computers, all connected to the campus network and the INTERNET. The room is designed as an open access center housing specialized equipment including:

  • 3 flatbed scanners for scanning images, which are specially adapted to scan X-Rays, gels, negatives, 35mm slides, etc.
  • a Polaroid Palette for producing 35mm slides from presentation software
  • a Polaroid Slide Scanner for digitizing 35mm slides
  • 2 Silicon Graphics Workstation for studying molecular dynamics
  • a Tektronix dye sublimation printer for producing publication quality color output
  • a Tektronix color laser printer for producing high quality color output

Some of the software available for data analysis, presentation graphics, and courseware include:

  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photo Editor
  • Omnipage
  • The Microsoft Professional Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

Exam Grading and Data Capture from Mark/Sense Forms

Using its National Computer Systems (NCS) Mark-Sense Scanner, SCC scans and grades examinations at HSCB. The required scanner forms and answer sheets are available fron the Center. Prices vary depending on the forms used. Exams are scanned and reported within 24 hrs. Bring completed answer sheets the main office of SCC (Room EB-51). Exam results may be printed on paper, saved on your floppy disk or sent to your e-mail account. In the latter two cases, you may then import the results to a spreadsheet for further processing. The mark-sense scanner used for exam grading is also extensively used for scanning data forms. Some of the general-purpose forms, which the Center stocks may be used and customized for your data requirements or special forms, may be designed


Matthew Avitable, Ph.D.
(718) 270-7424
FAX (718) 270-7461