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The School of Graduate Studies

Annual Research Day 2014 - April 2, 2014

The School of Graduate Studies is pleased to have hosted the centerwide ANNUAL RESEARCH DAY on Wednesday, 2 April, 2014. The day consisted of a platform session, two poster sessions, followed by a keynote address.

Gordon M. Shepherd, MD, DPhil, Professor of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine presented the keynote address "Neurogastronomy: From basic brain science to public policy on obesity." at 4pm.

We had 10 platform presentations and 104 posters presented by trainees at all levels and across the various colleges and programs of this campus. Many of the presentations were absolutely outstanding. The closeness of the scores resulted in awards of 4 full fellowships of $1500 each, 4 half-fellowships of $750 each and 2 third-prize fellowships of $500 each. Each fellowship is for the use of the presenter to attend a scientific meeting within the next 12 months. The results for travel awards are as follows:  

Annual Research Day 2014 Results
Last Title Program or School Sponsor Sponsor's Department
Platform Presentation First Prize: May Kin Ho and Daniel Dean Travel Fellowship - up to $1,500
Nicholas Chakiryan Ureteroenteric Fistula Repair Using Minimally Invasive Radiologic Techniques College of Medicine Erich Lang Urology/Radiology
First Prize for Poster Presentation in the Afternoon Sessions: $1,500
Arjun Kumar Breast cancer related kinase (Brk) and its alternative splice variant (Alt-Brk) regulate G1-S phase progression of cell cycle in breast cancer SGS - Neural & Behavioral Science Alan Gintzler Biochemistry
Kobkul Chotikanatis In Vitro Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha responses to Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of PBMC from Asthmatic Children Resident, Internal Medicine, PGY8 Stephan Kohlhoff Pediatrics
Priyank Patel Breast cancer related kinase (Brk) and its alternative splice variant (Alt-Brk) regulate G1-S phase progression of cell cycle in breast cancer SGS - Molecular & Cellular Biology Stacy Blain Cell Biology & Pediatrics
Second Prizes for Poster Presentations in the Afternoon Sessions: $750
Karen Wong The Role of Complement C3 in Programmed Cell Death during Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury College of Medicine Ming Zhang Anesthesiology & Cell Biology
Debapriya Basu Hepatic S1P deficiency lowers plasma cholesterol levels in apoB-containing lipoproteins when LDLR function is compromised. SGS, Molecular & Cellular Biology Weijun Jin Cell Biology
Robert McDougal Multi-simulator reaction-diffusion with NEURON Post-doctoral Fellow, Physiology & Pharmacology William Lytton Physiology & Pharmacology
Gavriel Feuer Prediction of Point-of-Failure in a High-Energy Femoral Neck Fracture Model with Finite Element Analysis Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine Subrata Saha Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine
Third Prizes for Poster Presentations in the Afternoon Sessions: $500
Carrie Poon Delayed administration of thrombopoietin improves long-term outcome from ischemic stroke SGS - Neural & Behavioral Science Frank Barone Physiology & Pharmacology
Christie Racine Endocannabanoid/cannabinoid use and Metabolic Diseases among Blacks Family Medicine Miriam Vincent Family Medicine

We look forward to another exciting day of activities in 2015.