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The School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies is pleased to have had a centerwide Annual Research Day 2017 on April 19, 2017. 

The day consisted of a platform session, three poster sessions, a keynote address, and finally, a dinner for all participants. Presentations were invited from students in the School of Graduate Studies, the College of Medicine, the School of Public Health, the College of Nursing, and the College of Health Related Professions. Medical residents, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students conducting research with Downstate faculty are also encouraged to present their research findings. A total of 10 platform presentations and 198 poster presentations were scheduled. Award funding will is derived from the School of Graduate Studies as well as other sources.

Our Keynote lecture this year was" The Dynamic Epileptic Brain", given by Christophe Bernard, Inserm PhysioNet Team Leader, Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes, Aix-Marseille Université - Faculté de Médecine , Paris.

The prizes are as follows, congratulations to all participants:

Annual Research Day 2017 Results
Name Title Program or School Sponsor Sponsor's Department
Platform Presentation First Prize: $1,500
Matthew Regier The Role of Ribosome Biogenesis in Learning and Memory Graduate Studies – Neural & Behavioral Science Student Ivan Hernandez Pathology
First Prize for Poster Presentation: $1,500
Clotilde Balucani Fatal Intracranial Hemorrhage Following Iv Tpa In A Patient With Acute Ischemic Stroke Induced By A Cardiac Myxoma Resident in Neurology (PGY2) Steven Levine Neurology
Rafael Flores-Obando The Role Of Mutations In Connexin47 (Cx47) In Myelinating Cells Of The Central Nervous System (CNS) Graduate Studies - Molecular & Cellular Biology Student Charles Abrams Neurology & Rehabilitation, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kristen Lu Characterization Of Novel Mechanisms Of Translation Initiation Graduate Studies - Molecular & Cellular Biology Student Christopher Hellen and Tatiana Pesova Cell Biology
Second Prizes for Poster Presentations: $750
Sandro Corti Characterization Of Striatocapsular Hemorrhage In A Community Hospital Cohort Of African-Carribean Patients Resident in Neurology (PGY4) Susan Law Neurology
Sumeet Arora Management Of Transient Neonatal Diabetes With An Insulin Pump Resident in Pediatric Endocrinology (PGY4) Vivian Chin Pediatric Endocrinology
Zerin Kashem Assaults From Students And Threats And Harassment Faced By K-12 Educators: Association With Physical And Mental Health School of Public Heath Student Paul Landsbergis Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Yekaterina Merkulova Role Of Intracellular Calcium and ATP In Modulation Of TRPC4 Channels Graduate Studies - Neural & Behavioral Science Student Nicholas Penington and Keith Williams Physiology & Pharmacology
Third Prizes for Poster Presentations: $500
Avi Hameroff Prostaglandin Levels In Pregnant Women With And Without Hyperemesis Gravidarum Resident OB/GYN (PGY4) Ozgul Muneyyirci-Delale OB/GYN
James Messina Relationship Between Spinal Curvature, Physical State, And Mental Status In An Underserved Population With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis College of Medicine Student Carl Paulino Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine 
Florenal Joseph Role of Yeast PARK9 (YPK9) in Membrane Integrity/Repair and Aging  Graduate Studies - Molecular & Cellular Biology Student William Chirico Cell Biology
Sundaram Prize for Poster Presentation: $500
Yongwoo Kim Vertigo With Typical Peripheral Characteristics In Cerebellar Stroke Resident in Neurology (PGY5) Adrian Marchidann Neurology


Annual    Research   Day   provides an excellent occasion for the entire Downstate community to share the results of their research  efforts. ARD 2018 will be announced in fall 2017.