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Office of Graduate Medical Education

GME Subcommittees


Chairperson – Michael Myers, MD

  • Review program change requests
  • Approve Program Director appointments
  • Review new program applications, program reductions and closures
  • Propose new or changes to GME policies
  • Review, monitor and assess responses to IRC and RRC citations and concerns
  • Address results of focused and special reviews and ACGME Resident Surveys
  • Address issues regarding GME support
  • Provide oversight and monitoring of clinical learning environment re: resident/fellow supervision and involvement with patient safety and quality of care activities
  • Approve and monitor innovative practices and deviations from detailed processes

Internal Review

Chairperson – George Frangos, PhD

  • Oversee focused program GMEC special review processes
  • Review focused program and special review report citations
  • Monitor program response to focused and special review citations
  • Monitor Institutional Resident amd Faculty Program Evaluation Surveys
  • Monitor ACGME Annual Resident and Faculty Surveys
  • Monitor and assess program performance indicators
  • Review and assess annual program evaluation reports


Chairperson – Jacob Aranda, MD

  • Facilitate research activities in GME programs
  • Coordinate exchange of information regarding collaborative opportunities
  • Assist with and promote acquisition of resources regarding resident research
  • Track research productivity in GME settings
  • Monitor and implement GME policies in support of research
  • Provide guidance and support to develop mentoring in research

Resident / Fellow

Co-Chairperson – Scott Dowd, MD, Resident

Co-Chairperson - Robert Mancuso, MD, Resident

  • Provide mechanism for residents to raise concerns regarding GME programs
  • Serve as a liaison between residents throughout GME programs in the GME office/committee
  • Advocate on behalf of residents
  • Designate residents to serve on institutional committees (SUNY and KCHC)
  • Provide representation for residents on the GMEC
  • Advise institutional leadership of resident perspective in GME issues, institutional issues, educational issues, clinical issues, program development


Chairperson – Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

  • Develop and coordinate faculty development programs including affiliates
  • Chief resident educational retreats
  • Program director retreats
  • Programs for fulfilling compliance with training and evaluation of core competencies
  • Coordinate with pre-GME student education to address continuum of medical education
  • Institutional education programs to comply with ACGME standards and expectations (e.g. stress/fatigue/impairment, ethics, duty hours, research methodology, cultural awareness, performance improvement, self-directed learning, evidence-based medicine, teaching skills, etc.)
  • Investigate and recommend new modalities/technologies for augmenting GME

Resident Affairs

Chairperson – Lisa Dresner, MD

  • Monitor and recommend action regarding resident working conditions including safety, call facilities, ancillary services
  • Provide monitoring, oversight and recommendations for action for aspects of the clinical learning environment including duty hours compliance, transitions in patient care, patient hand-offs, resident fatigue and fitness for duty, professionalism and honesty
  • Monitor and recommend action regarding imbalance between education and service and adequacy of resources in the clinical learning environment
  • Address resident complaints/grievances
  • Assure residents with due process
  • Assure residents have the opportunity and vehicles to raise concerns without fear of retaliation or retribution
  • Investigate or coordinate appropriate referrals for alleged violations of workplace policies such as unprofessional behavior, sexual harassment, substance abuse, disruptive or violent behavior and resident maltreatment.