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Office of Graduate Medical Education

House Staff Office Services

Room BSB 2-74, Box 51
Telephone 718-270-1984, Fax: 718-270-2408

The House Staff Office serves as the administrative arm of the University's GME. It is responsible for assuring the University's compliance with the Institutional Requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

The office serves as a resource to residents and faculty in the following areas:

House Staff

Credentialing — certification of each resident's required credentials (diplomas, transcripts, visas, etc.), and their placement in a permanent file to assure compliance with regulatory reequirements.

Privileging — administration of SUNY Downstate privileging system through New Innovations that records and tracks all clinical procedures required for granting hospital privilege.

Rotation Schedules — collects, maintains and distributes resident rotation schedules to affiliated hospitals.

Resident Contracts — administration of unified SUNY Downstate Resident contracts with educational program and with designated affiliate training site.

Visa Sponsorship — provides applications for J-1 sponsorship and advises and assists residents on visa issues.

Background Check & EHS Drug Screen Referral — Conducts background check on physicians salaried by SUNY and completes referrals for drug screening.

ID Cards — Issue Universal ID cards which give resident access to medical library, internet, etc.

Residency Management System (New Innovations) — data maintenance, coordination and access management.

Orientation — planning, coordinating and conducting orientation program for new residents.