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Office of Graduate Medical Education


This Handbook brings together information on Graduate Medical Education (GME) that will be useful to residents and others interested in advanced training and research in medicine at SUNY Downstate University Hospital Brooklyn and at its affiliate hospitals.

It is important to remember that while every SUNY Downstate resident is appointed in each year of their residency to a particular affiliate hospital, their "pay source", all residents are also appointed to a specific University program, and all residents rotate to at least two affiliates, and often to as many as four or five.

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GME at SUNY Downstate is governed by a set of policies and procedures developed and approved by the GME Committee, GME Office, as well as by SUNY and SUNY Downstate Medical Center.  Many of these policies and procedures address requirements of the ACGME, Health Care Financing Agency, NYS Department of Health, JCAHO and other regulatory agencies. These include Credentialing Policy, Evaluation Policy, Academic Grievance and Due Process Policy and Procedures, applicable New York State Laws and Regulations, University polices and procedures, etc.  This information is of interest to all SUNY Downstate interns, residents and fellows.

Introduction and Institutional Commitment

Curriculum and ACGME Competencies

Compact Between Resident Physicians & Their Teachers, Responsibilities and Conduct

Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)

GMEC Subcommittees

Institutional Affiliation Agreements

Accreditation, Patient Safety, Quality Care and Assurance

Credentialing, Background Checks, Employee Health Clearance

Fact Sheets on Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Work Place Violence Prevention

Name Change, Document Translation Policy, Identification Badges

Credentialing of Rotators (Residents Visting from other Hospitals)

Verification of Training

Certificates of Training

Resident Support, Benefits, and Conditions of Employment

Professional Liability Insurance GME Policy

Restrictive Covenants Prohibited

GME Program Admissions Policy: Eligibility and Selection

GME Policy on Resident Appointment and Reappointment   See also GME Promotion Policy

GME Policy on Resident Transfers

GME Policy on Housestaff Post Graduate Year Levels (UHB & IFR Salaried Only)

GME Evaluation Policy and Procedure    See also GME Promotion Policy

Resident Complaints and Concerns

Grievance Procedures and Due Process

GME Policy on Impaired Residents

GME Policy and Procedure for Assisting Residents Who Are in Need of Psychological Services

GME Leave Policy

Important Facts and Procedure Privileging for Advanced Residents and Subspecialty Fellows

GME Policy on Professional Misconduct   See also GME Misconduct Due Process Policy

Resident Supervision, Work Environment, and Duty Hours

Institutional Policy on Discrimination and Harassment

Recently Updated Polices and Procedures can be found on the Office of Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures webpage


Applicable to All Residents, Regardless of Affiliate Pay Source

This section contains general information of interest to all residents regardless of pay source. It includes information about Credentialing, Certification, Licensure, Privileging and various resources pertinent to residents such as Library, Employee Assistance Program, Support and Benefits, and Public Safety.

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Link to Residency & Fellowship Programs

An alphabetical listing of all SUNY Downstate GME Programs that provides information about each program, including department link for special requirements, areas of special strength, etc. All SUNY Downstate GME Programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). A full account of official program requirements for every program is published each year by the American Medical Association in the Graduate Medical Education Directory, the so-called "Green Book". The Directory can be found on the World Wide Web: or via a link through the SUNY Downstate Web Page.


An alphabetical listing of all affiliate hospitals that participate in SUNY Downstate GME Programs. Each listing provides information useful to residents appointed to that affiliate (pay source), as well as to those who are assigned rotations there. Residents' salary and benefits packages are funded and administered by their pay source affiliate hospital. Residents are encouraged to also consult Affiliate Resident/Housestaff Manuals or Handbooks published separately by many Affiliates.

General Information can be found on the Office of Graduate Medical Education Participating Sites webpage

More detailed information specifically for residents and fellows is available at these links:

Kings County Hospital Center

Brooklyn VA

Brookdale University Hospital

Maimonides Medical Center

Staten Island University Hospital

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

St. John's Episcopal Hospital

NYU - Lutheran