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Office of Graduate Medical Education


In order to comply with the Department of Health’s need to access health records as well as for indemnification purposes, the Department of Human Resources will be assigning the title of “Clinical Assistant Instructor” (same as for SUNY residents) to all external rotators, and processing them as voluntary employees. In order to process the paperwork in a timely fashion, the Department of Human Resources is stipulating that all paperwork for credentialing be submitted to the GME Office no later than 6 weeks prior to the external rotators’ start date. This policy will be strictly enforced and rotators would not be processed if any document is missing. This new policy will go into effect July 1, 2010. If, for example, a rotator would be rotating to your department beginning July 1, 2010, then the documentation must be submitted to the GME Office no later than May 15th, 2010.

“Visiting Residency Rotation Training Agreement” between SUNY and each known Affiliate.
Before you accept any external rotator into your program, you must call Ms. Guoda Burr at x 8641 to confirm that an institutional agreement and/or addendum for your program is in place. In the event that an agreement is not in place, Ms. Burr will work with you to prepare it.

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office, in conjunction with the KCHC House Staff Office has implemented a credentialing policy for all house staff rotating from non-affiliated hospitals. This policy
mandates the review of the following documentation by the GME Office:

1. Attestation Form to be signed by the Program Director at the non-affiliated hospital and SUNY-Downstate Program Director approving the rotation and indicating:

     A. The name of house staff physician who will be rotating, the current PGY level and the program he/she will be rotating in.

     B. Inclusive dates of the rotation;

     C. The name of the salarying hospital/institution that will indemnify the resident for malpractice while he/she is at SUNY-Downstate hospital.

2. Rotator Medical Regulatory Requirements form to be signed by the Administrator and Physician or Director of Occupational Health at rotator salarying hospital .

3. A list of procedures the house staff physician may perform under general supervision while at SUNY-Downstate dated within the year and signed by the Program Director at the non-affiliated hospital.

4. The originals of the following documents for the house staff physician (copies may be submitted in lieu of the originals provided there is a statement on each copy so submitted which clearly states that the salarying hospital has seen and reviewed the original documents):

     A. Medical School Diploma (with official translation, if applicable)

     B. ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)

     C. Completed residency questionnaire (obtained by the GME Office)

     D. Completed Rotator to Downstate Form

     E. Proof of Employment Eligibility (legal status and Social Security Card)

     F. BCLS Certification

     G. Evidence of Criminal Backgrond Check

     H. Evidence of SUNY HIPAA & Orientation

5. Contract with Affiliate

The completed package must be submitted to the GME Office at least six weeks prior to the house staff physician's rotation to SUNY- Downstate Medical Center or Kings County Hospital Center.

The GME Office provides a temporary identification card only after the above process has been completed.

Revisions approved by GMEC: 6/16/10