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Office of Graduate Medical Education


ISUNY DMC prohibits residents from unlawfully using, manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing, or storing alcohol or controlled substance at State workplaces, work sites, and SUNY DMC sponsored activities. Residents are also prohibited from on the job use of alcohol or controlled substance or coming to work in an impaired state as a result of the use of alcohol or controlled substances. If a positive determination of prohibited use of alcohol or controlled substance is made, SUNY DMC may seek disciplinary penalties.

SUNY DMC will assist residents who have an alcohol or substance abuse problem to recover provided the employee seeks and/or accepts assistance. Residents may be referred to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to aid in dealing with drug and/or alcohol problems. EAP is confidential information, assessment and referral program that provides employee requested services. Services include assessment for referral to the most appropriate community resource provider related to the emotional or physical illness, alcohol or drug related problem. Information provided to EAP is kept confidential.

Residents who have drug and alcohol problems who would like to seek rehabilitative services though EAP or any other recognized rehabilitation program are encouraged to pursue help before they are determined to be in violation of the Drug-Free Workplace Act or fail the testing requirements of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act. For more information visit Employee Assistance Program online EAP and/or contact Lorraine Brookes EAP Coordinator at (718) 270-1489 or by email at


SUNY DMC prohibits all forms of violence, threatening behavior or harassment, which involve or affect SUNY DMC or which occurs on SUNY DMC’s campus is prohibited by this policy. For purposes of this policy, “the campus” is collectively defined as SUNY DMC’s premises and any off-campus location where an employee is on official duty or travel status. This includes but is not limited to:
     • Threatening behavior, violent actions
     • Harassment by College employees directed against supervisors,
     • By employees directed against other employees,
     • By employees directed against students, or visitors
     • By visitors directed against College employees or students
     • Employees, and/or students (i.e. while on official travel)
     • Any threats or acts of violence resulting in the conviction of an employee or agent of SUNY DMC, or of an individual performing services on SUNY DMC’s behalf
     • A contract or temporary basis, under any criminal code provision relating to threats
     • Acts of violence that adversely affect the legitimate interests and goals of SUNY DMC
     • Retaliation against any employee or student who complains about threatening behavior, violence, or harassment
Please read the entire policy on line Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. For more information contact Paul Alleyne, Deputy Chief of University Police, at Extension 6153,