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Office of Graduate Medical Education


It is SUNY Downstate's policy, in compliance with the regulations of the New York State Health Code (Part 405.4) that all residents accepted into SUNY Downstate programs must provide credentialing documentation and be approved to engage in patient care prior to their appointment as house staff physicians (residents/fellows).

Each year, during the months of March through June, the GME Office credentials residents/fellows by appointments regardless of pay source. For those unable to attend at his/her scheduled time, it is imperative that they contact the GME House Staff Office at (718) 270-4221 or contact their program director to try to reschedule. (See Section II for a list of required documents.)

Residents’ files are reviewed by the GME Office on an annual basis and the following documents are required to be maintained and updated each year: House Staff Agreement, Annual Physical and Visa (if applicable).


It is the policy of the SUNY Downstate to conduct background checks and drug testing on all candidates for employment post-offer (contingency offer). As the hospital's agent, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) uses an employment screening vendor to conduct background checks and drug testing. The type of information that can be collected by this third party service provider includes, but is not limited to, criminal background check, reference check, confirmation of education, and employment history.

SUNY Downstate Policy Review and Reapproved by GMEC 6/16/10


The New York State Health Code (405.3) requires hospitals to verify the health status of all hospital personnel who have contact with patients on an annual basis. New residents are given a physical free of charge by the hospital employing the resident. For returning residents, there is an annual health status reassessment (update) which includes a review of health history and immunizations, and placement and reading of PPD. The following is a list of required tests for all residents:
      1. An initial Health Assessment granting fitness for duty in a health care facility.
      2. Evidence of an Annual (or initial ) Health Assessment within the past twelve (12 ) months certifying no illness or conditions found  that would jeopardize or impair ability to work.
      3. Record of immunity or full vaccination to Rubella
      4. Record of immunity or full vaccination to Rubeola
      5. Varicella titer positive or proof of two (2) Varicella vaccines
      6. Record of immunity or full vaccination to mumps (2 doses)
      7. Record of Mantoux PPD skin test for tuberculosis or Quantiferon – Gold blood test prior to placement and at least annually thereafter, if negative. IF positive, appropriate clinical follow – up (chest x-ray) has been documented and clearance established by private physician or Department of Health.
      8. For persons with a predictable possible exposure to blood or infectious body fluids, proof of either a) immunity to Hepatitis B or b) that full Hepatitis B vaccination has been given or c) if declined, proof of declination.
      9. OSHA Respiratory Training and Medical Clearance for Fit - Testing. (N-95 particulate respirator)
     10. Drug Screening

SUNY Downstate Policy Review and Reapproved by GMEC 6/16/10