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Office of Graduate Medical Education


All appointments (contracts) are for a term of one year and each resident must be re-appointed for each subsequent year of training, contingent upon satisfactory performance during and completion of the current post-graduate training year as determined by program level evaluation and promotion policy. All residents are appointed as Clinical Assistant Instructors at SUNY-Downstate but are salaried by an affiliated hospital. Residents being appointed to the same program for a period of accredited training are expected to remain on the same salary source unless otherwise approved by GMEC (based on request of the Program Director for appropriate circumstances and with agreement by resident.

Recommendations for the appointment and reappointment of residents are initiated by the residency programs and sent to the Office for Graduate Medical Education.

Deadlines Non-renewal of Appointment --A resident whose performance fails to meet the level of competence for reappointment shall be notified by his/her department in writing of the intent not to renew the contract. Residents who have July 1st appointments will be notified by November 15 (December 15th at PGY 1). Programs that are not able to make determination of reappointment by this date must inform residents of this by this date and provide resident a date by which determination will be made as soon as feasibly possible. In the event that the program, institution or employer determines that there is sufficient cause, a resident can be non-renewed or terminated prior to the completion of his/her term of appointment.

Specific guidelines for decisions on termination of contracts, or non-reappointment are found in the GME Academic Peformance Due Process Policy.

Residents are expected to notify their department sufficiently in advance if they do not intend to return the following year. Residents who have signed a commitment for the following year are contractually bound to do so, and any breach of said commitment will be considered unprofessional conduct.

Appointment and/or reappointment do not constitute an assurance of successful completion of a residency program or post-graduate year. Successful completion is based on performance as measured by individual departmental standards.

Revisions approved by GMEC 6/16/10