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SUNY Downstate Geriatric Fellowship Program

The Training Program to Enhance Cultural Competency in Nursing Homes

The Training Program to Enhance Cultural Competency in Nursing Homes is a four module program. It focuses on three patient populations: African Americans, Latinos, and Caucasians, with an emphasis on the latter on persons of Jewish ancestry, who represent a large segment of the Caucasian population in New York City.

Please note that in a nursing home a patient is called a resident. The caregiver is generally called the nursing assistant or nursing aide. In this training program video, the general term "care provider" is used to refer to the person providing care to the residents.

The aim of the video is to help care providers better understand the cultural and historical differences in the three ethnic groups. In the video, situations are presented to increase care providers' awareness about health beliefs, prejudice, communication styles, use of language and stereotypes. The ultimate goal of the video is to support the value of differences, appreciate similarities and promote openness and respect for residents.

The video can be used in a group setting or in a one-on one situation. Some vignettes in the video address difficult topics and encourage self-reflection. We would welcome comments and feedback. You may email Dr. Carl Cohen or Umi Muhammed.

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